2021: The Year In Review

What a year. The ever evolving beast that is The Terrible Company went through a few changes this year, as I navigate fatherhood, starting multiple new jobs, and still continue filming for this new video thing that has been in the works for years at this point. If you missed a lot of the good shit that got posted this year, I’m here to break it down for you:











At the risk of repeating myself, October was a bad month for me. Mentally, physically, professionally. We’ve lived through a really shit time in our lives, and every month brings it’s challenges, but October 2021 will forever be marked as one of the shittest months of my life. There was no skateboarding, no blog content, no filming – everything was really bad. I wrote some guff about it – Check-In: Ade The Terrible – The Terrible Company



As we close out the year, there was another quiet month here on the blog, but before the year is out keep an eye out for a write up on the newest Get Lesta video, “Darling”. 

2022: Looking Ahead

I’ve been pretty open about blog content slowing down on here, and if you look through 2021 it’s pretty obvious where things fell off. That’s due to continue into 2022, but on the plus side I’m hoping to showcase more video content – less content, but higher quality, and in video form. 

A group of us have been busy working on a new video since 2019 – and whilst it is by no means a feature length epic designed to push the boundaries of skateboarding, I kinda feel like it’s shaping up to be The Terrible Company’s best video yet. I might be writing a cheque I can’t cash, but I’m hoping to get this video finished by the end of 2022. It’s a real return to form for Terribleco videos, and features parts from a healthy mix of some of my oldest friends, as well as newer faces: Keep an eye out for “Ghostface” – done when it’s done (hopefully 2022).

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