Jasmine Gordon’s Quickfire 10

Street spots, Skateparks and even Vert Ramps – Jasmine Gordon can skate it all. But how will she do against a varied selection of Quickfire skateboarding questions? Let’s see! 

  1. Skateparks or Street? Skateparks 
  2. Bowl or Vert? Bowl at the moment… as I feel more confident in them.
  3. 180s or shuvits? 180’s!
  4. Who’s your favourite member of the Creation Skatepark Vert crew? They’re all amazing skaters, supportive and they always have good energy and positive vibes.
  5. Gaps or Stairs? Stairs, I guess? I only did my first gap a few weeks ago, haha!
  6. Frontside ollie or Frontside grab? Frontside Grab. 
  7. Scooters or Rollerblades? I skate with blades, and I can blade a little, so I guess Rollerblades. 
  8. Favourite Artemis Skateboards team mate? All the Artemis ladies are an amazing group of talented skaters. Happy to be a part of the team! 
  9. Lizzie Armanto or Nora Vasconcellos? I like Lizzie’s style! 
  10. What trick are you going to learn on Vert next? I’m currently trying to get my Frontside Airs higher and to slash the coping too. 

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