Pop Quiz Hotshot: Joxa

The self proclaimed “Skate Nerd” enters the Pop Quiz Hotseat this week. Is there a chance we could see our first 5 out of 5? Read on to find out.

Stephen. Time to test your skateboarding knowledge.

Go on then.

Question 1

Which Plan B Pro Skater famously got his own surname tattooed across his back?

Sheckle bot.

Haha, yes

Question 2

Prior to founding Zero, what board company did Jamie Thomas skate for?

Toy Machine

Correct, 2 for 2

I need to start making these harder.

I am skate nerd.

Question 3

What board company was founded by Jim Greco and Erik Ellington in 2008?



Oh, you shit, I thought I’d caught you out on that one.

Skate nerd.

Question 4

Which board company released the video “Secrets Of The Clown Box” in 2020?


Again, correct!

Oh my god. You might be the first person to get a clean sweep… If you get this next question right.

Question 5

Which former Black Label Pro Skater, from Las Vegas, popularised firecrackers and skating in Vans Slip-Ons?

Anthony Scalamere, aka Ragdoll.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. CORRECT. With the full name and everything.

Well done, you aced it.

Bonus points for the true name and nickname. 

No, we don’t do bonus points here

Then gimme your kettle instead. For my grand prize, I will take your daughter. And we’ll have a lovely tea party. I hope she likes chips.

I mean if you’re free to babysit her so we can get a break, then sure.

Babysits and chips.

Thanks for playing POP QUIZ HOTSHOT. Joxa’s final score was:

5 out of 5

Joxa storms straight into the top slot, giving us our first ever clean sweep of the series!

1 Joxa5
2Dane Barker3
3Town Rat Josh2
Alfie Morrey 2

Thanks for playing! That’s it: pack it up, shut it down, someone got a perfect score, we’re done…

Only kidding. Tune in next time for more skateboarding trivia!

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