Forde Brookfield’s Quickfire 10

It’s time to check in with Forde Brookfield again (after the rad interview I did with him last year). This time, however, things are going to be a little more… Quick. Roll the Quickfire 10!

  1. High-8 or MiniDV? High Definition
  2. Best Camcorders: Sony or Panasonic? (At the moment) Panasonic HVX250
  3. Favourite layback variation? I can’t think of the proper name, but it’s the standard frontside layback but you grab with your front hand. So if you’re goofy, you’d grab with your right hand just near your right foot and tuck your knee in.
  4. What size board are you skating right now? 9” original Zarosh deck.
  5. Best surprise guest at the Rollersnakes vault? 100% Maité.
  6. Favourite thing to skate at Skate Parlour? The mini ramp.
  7. Favourite Baghead Crew sticker design? The “Rights for Gays” sticker we did many years ago.
  8. Favourite Chris Pulman video part? Live from Antarctica!
  9. Best street transition? Peterborough has some insanely good street transition.
  10. When is Mike Simons turning Pro for Death? By the time the next Death video is out, so anywhere between 4-16 years.

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