November 2021 Video Roundup

The video roundup is back again. I was lazy with watching videos so I got some help to digest them all from my 2 and a half year old daughter Liv. 


Here’s a 10 minute video from UK based outlet Serious Adult – a publishing house known for zines and skate clothing. The vid is filmed in London, Bristol and Sheffield, with lots of familiar faces pop up in this clip, including Shaun Currie and Zeta Rush. You’re also bound to encounter some fresh new faces and rad street shredders you may be unfamiliar with.

Sam Earl gets basically a full section’s worth of rugged spot tricks near the end of the video, bringing some rad bank tricks and Gonz-like cruisy lines around stereotypical UK streets – transitioning from cobble and brick banks to smooth marble ledges. 

I was really feeling this one but Liv seemed on the fence. When we first started watching it I asked if she liked it, and she replied “No, no, no”, and turned away to play with a fishing game. Near the end she started to warm up to it – something about the stunts pulled off by Shaun Currie got her interested, and then she kept checking out the tricks from Sam Earl’s part. By the time the credits rolled I asked her if she enjoyed it and she said “Yeah”. From that I assume the video’s a bit of a slow burn, but still a goodie. 

Mark Suciu’s Spitfire Part

Liv was mesmerised by this part for a straight 2 minutes, which is usually the kind of attention she only gives to Bluey or Fireman Sam, so that is high praise indeed. 

Suciu’s quick-footed, dexterous skateboarding is on display across a variety of New York architecture in this part, making impossible moves look easy. 

Number one headband

This is the latest edit from London based filmer George Hardiman, featuring lots of cruisy street lines and raw handling of typical British spots. Our mate Ben Keegan makes a few appearances, and in general it’s some good old UK shredding. 

When I asked Liv if she liked this one, she gave a very definitive and enthusiastic “Yeah!”. In particular she liked Ben’s skating, and said “He’s just skating and he doesn’t care” – I think she means that Ben can do rad tricks without even thinking about it? Either way she liked this video.

Andrew Allen For Vans

AA is a raw powerhouse who eats steep banks for breakfast. Listen, you don’t need to take my word for it, Liv said he was “very good at riding the skatepark” (yeah, I know Allen skates street spots for the whole of this part, “skatepark” is just her general word for skateboarding). 

Cruising all sorts of ditches and quirky bank spots in a flowy, forceful manner: Andrew Allen keeps things simple with an understated part full of good old no nonsense skateboarding. If you’ve always been a fan of the street skaters from the Anti-Hero and Hockey teams, this part will be right up your alley. I definitely came away from it stoked to skate!

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