The Bootleg Collection

In an attempt to squeeze every last drop out of this “Archive Video” idea – The Bootleg Collection consists of full parts mostly from people who have never had full parts in a Terrible Company video, as well as archive parts for those who did have sections, but never got the full treatment and care I wish I could have given them. 

A lot of this footage pulls from various friends sections across the videos I made through the blog’s 18 year history. During filming for a single video, most of these guys didn’t get enough footage for a full part, but when you put all of their footage together you get what is basically a decent section’s worth of footage. 

Caveats: A Reminder

If you’re new to this series of videos I have put out this year, then there’s a caveat to be aware of. Collecting this footage came with complexities. I’m missing original source footage for basically everything prior to 2010, so any tricks from those videos have no audio, as they are ripped directly from the finished video. 

With that in mind, here’s the 10 full parts included in this last entry into the Archive Trilogy. 

The parts


This video opens a little differently than the other Archive vids – it starts with a friends section. The idea behind this friends section was to highlight the many other people out there who we have filmed full sections with before, but I haven’t included in the previous vids or this vid. A quick rundown below:

  • Dexter Gonzales (from Corrosive Materials and Storybook) – An all terrain wizard. I hear he grew up to be a fine artist?
  • Tom Wildman (from Dreamland) – THE WILDMAN IS IN THE HOUSE. Tech radness.
  • Alex Walker (from Dead and Loving It and Dream Land) – Me and Walker go way back, we had some good times with our little Leamington crew in the latter half of the 2010’s!
  • Liam Harkin (from Sorcerers Of Shred) – Local Cov lad with a deep bag of tricks who grafts at any street spot.
  • Lewis Homer (from Batface) – An early grabbing, bert-sliding wheeler dealer with a wild style.
  • James Aucutt (from Rushed Goods) – good lad, rad tricks, not sure where he got to but he was a good local at Covpark.
  • Emily Cottrell (from Terribleco Archives Vol.8) – my other half had a short part made under the very same philosophy that started this whole video series.
  • Tom Sly (from Dream Land) – The owner and operator of SUAS with the hip hop style! Get some of that Skateboard Noise.
  • Pip (from Sorcerers Of Shred and Shredventures Into The Unknown) – Pip got a megamix that would’ve easily fit into one of these videos back in 2019 when I did an edit of his best bits for Hangup Online. Here’s a little preview of why he rules.
  • Nich Horishny (from Shredventures Into The Unknown and Franchise) – Pure, raw, unpredictable energy on a skateboard.
  • James Reilly (from Rocksteady) – Leamington’s local park shark and mini ramp champ.
  • Harry Tomecek (from Shredventures Into The Unknown) – Sweepers, Texas Plants, old school radness.
  • Matt Burrows (from Cthulhu) – I met this dude through the Sidewalk forum. He absolutely rules and was always a laugh to skate with.
  • Becky Jaques (from Batface) – Super sick bowl shredder and travel enthusiast
  • Ross Warner (from Rushed Goods) – Motorhead fan and guitar shredder with big pop.
  • James White (from Rushed Goods, Corrosive Materials and Storybook) – James was almost as important to this blog’s early days as Rosko. Strong Switch shuv game.
  • Jimmy Langran (from Franchise) – Vert wizard and all out powerhouse.
  • Alex Kililis (from Shredventures Into The Unknown) – the Greek God-slayer! Super technical, super gnarly, super rad.
  • Joe Morris (from Storybook) – A naturally gifted street skater with a super cheeky personality. 
  • Kye Smith (from Rushed Goods and Corrosive Materials) – Not to be confused with Kyle Smith from the last video. All round badman, and local park hero.
  • Ben Keegan (from Franchise) – Ben is absolutely bloody amazing. The footage I’ve got here doesn’t even scratch the surface.

There are also some cheeky appearances from blog contributors who didn’t have full parts, such as Tom Illsley (who filmed most of the 2012 tour video “My Big Fat Gypsy Roadtrip”), as well as Ryan Bradley and Garry Jones (who took countless photos for the blog back in the early 2010’s).

With that out of the way, here are the full parts:

Mark “Frocker” Hewitt

Long before The Terrible Company existed, there was a Coventry scene blog run by Frocker. I don’t recall how I met Frocker but he’s perhaps the nicest guy to come out of Cov, and was down to film with me from very early on. I’m not sure why Mark ever trusted me to film anything for him, but over the 15 years I’ve known him he has popped up in many friends sections in my videos – accumulating a solid section of shredding from his days living in Coventry, as well as the times we’ve met up since. 

Tom Carr

This is a short one, but Tom has cropped up in a few of my videos, and there is definitely an alternate reality where he bagged a full section in one of them. A few months back he showed interest in seeing what I’d filmed of him over the years – specifically footage from Wednesfield plaza in Wolverhampton, so in all honesty his inclusion here was inevitable. He also brought some considerable ramp shredding to the Sittin On The Toilet tour video I made in 2010, which contributes toward most of this part. 

Ryan Krusts

I owe Ryan an apology: it turns out that one of his full parts was edited with some horrendous dreamy piss filter (I think we were trying to rip off Tom Penny’s part from Flip Sorry). Because of this a bunch of his footage was unusable and looked like trash. I threw in a couple of tricks from that part anyway because they were too good to cut, but this means this section is a tad short. Similar to Freddy Hackett, who appears later in this video, Ryan filmed two parts with me, but to be honest I think they were both a bit undercooked and needed some more time filming. 

Ryan was often referred to by the nickname “Sketch”, which I think is perhaps a bit mean: he has the most boosted Heelflips and can shred a mini ramp with ease. Also, if Ryan is “sketchy” how do you explain his ability to bust out such bangers as his last trick in this section (a trick into the Boys Club Banks that more “technical” skaters like Ralph Cooper and potentially even Lucas Healey might not even manage)? Krusts is king, baby. 

Joe Atkins

Joe has had 1 and a half parts in my previous videos, with a section in Cannonball Holocaust, as well as a joint section with Jimmy Langran in Franchi$e. The full section I filmed with Joe was cut short due to logistics, and I have so much more footage of him lying around from over the last 18 years that I needed to do something that matched the kind of thing I always wanted to film with him. He’s not the only member of the Atkins family to appear in this video though, as you will see later. 

Freddy Hackett

Yes, I know Freddy got two sections in previous Terribleco videos. Both of them were rush jobs, and his Franchi$e part (originally designed to be a standalone Web part) was cut short due to him moving away from the local area. With that in mind, it’s probably worth combining MegaFred’s footage into an ultimate cut and doing the part that should have been made for him in the first place. If you don’t know Fred: Hardflips, Muska, (Manchester accent) “Fuck’s Saaaaake”. 

Matt Aldersley

Matt’s brother Tez closed the previous video in this Trilogy, where I mentioned that I spent a lot of time filming both of these brothers. Matt only had one official part in a Terribleco video, but accumulated a ton of footage throughout the first few years of this blog’s existence. There’s an alternate reality where he landed himself more full parts (and even potentially a last part) in one of my vids. 

Jim The Skin

Honestly, filming a full part with Paul Atkins has been on my filmer wishlist since I first started filming. Not only a phenomenal vert skater, he skates better down your local mini better than skaters half (or even quarter) his age. Not only that, he’s only seemed to get better at skateboarding as he’s gotten older. Now in his mid-50s, he still kills it. Witness the best Smith Grinds in the West Midlands yourself. 

Alex Burrell

Sometimes you just skate loads with someone rad, and then forget to film good shit with them. That’s how a lot of these “almost” parts failed to exist. Back before Burrell went off to uni, I skated with him loads – we used to meet up and get photos, skate weird Cov spots, and we even had a stab at a DIY spot out in some crusty woods. Burrell rips, and could have easily got his name in Sidewalk for more than just photos. Video proof lies within. 

Gaz Taylor

Not only did Gaz film a fantastic single full part with me for 2008’s Storybook, he also has filmed a huge number of awesome clips and tricks scattered throughout the friends sections of most of the videos from the first 10 years of this blog. This part is a megamix of the awesome stuff Gaz filmed with me during those many years, and mixes in the best stuff from Storybook for good measure. I spent many a year looking up to Gaz and this part is a perfect way of giving some respect to one of Coventry’s raddest ATV’s. Get on the Gaz T hype train, you won’t be disappointed. 

Ant Smith

Ant closed 2013’s “Concrete Jungle” with a part that was probably put out before it was ready. His last trick was a rad Bluntslide on the handrail at Radlands, and whilst it was sick, it probably wasn’t the best trick I ever filmed with him. This part pulls together his various friends section bangers along with the best stuff from his Concrete Jungle part, and basically comes together as the part Ant should have had from the start. I also came to the conclusion that I spoiled the raddest trick from his part in the trailer for Concrete Jungle – a pure banger, and once I saw it again I knew it had to end this video.


Some of the dudes in this video got short changed with their sections in past videos, some never got sections at all. I wanted to do something different and acknowledge that many people even outside of my immediate circle of friends made this blog what it is, and that many of these people in UK skateboarding have contributed to my videos over the years. 

I’m so stoked that people like Jim The Skin were down to collaborate with me and do stuff like the Ride Day Trip video, or that people who aren’t from Coventry like Tom Carr and Ant Smith were keen to get involved with a silly local scene blog like mine. Getting to collaborate with all of these skateboarders has been rad and I hope I get to do it in a slightly more formal way in the future (2022 Jim The Skin part maybe?). 

If you made it this far, thanks for watching, thanks for taking an interest in the history of this blog, and thanks for making all of this work worthwhile. 

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