Ant Smith’s Quickfire 10

Photo by Matt Clarke

What’s faster – Ant Smith skating a bowl or these 10 stupid questions? Nah, you’re right, it’s probably Ant. Let’s have it!

  1. Kettering or Corby? I have bittersweet love for both but gotta go with my K town roots!
  2. Noseblunt or Half Cab Blunt? Noseblunt because Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater taught me it’s the hardest (and therefore the best) slide you can do.
  3. Dad question: What age should a kid start skating? As soon as they are getting on it because they want to, and not because you keep leaving it with their toys/by their shoes/in their bed.
  4. Frontside or Backside? All my tricks are frontside, but backside shit looks way more stylish!
  5. Concrete Coping or Marble Ledges? Concrete coping, nothing like it!
  6. What one word do you say to a security guard to get him to give you one more try at a trick?  Cyaaaamooooonnnnnnnn
  7. Smith or Feeble? Same thing when you’re in it! Smiths on ramp, Feebles on rails.
  8. Kickflips or Heelflips? Kickflips all day! 
  9. Scooters or Rollerblades? I’ve got a lot of good mates that are bladers, and they have the sickest street rat mentality. Always find awesome spots and are always up to shred crusty shit.
  10. Whatever possessed you to learn Switch Sweepers? Hahaha, we did a “King of the Road” style comp a few years ago called “King for the Crack”. I think I got 50 points for that bad boy! Grabbing it is a bit awkward, but going in isn’t so bad once you’ve done it a few times.

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