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Blog friends and all out ones to watch Sumo are back once again with a new 20 minute full length edit, from the mind of Sumo head honcho Callum Hansen. This is rad 20 minutes of local shredding, with some surprising bangers going down on local Cov and Warwickshire spots. No single parts here but a mashup of rapid fire street attacks featuring the likes of Ben Keegan, Hal Hewetson, Aviv Gez, Enzo Madeiros and more (including more cameos from the older Keegan brothers)!

Early on Ben Keegan drops in on a Cov Uni roof and has an argument with a security guard about whether he could have died. There’s actually a lot of amazing interactions with members of the public in this video, proving perhaps that the UK has the biggest population of anti-skateboarding weirdos.

Unsurprisingly the video is 100% street skating, with some eye raising hammers: Ben Keegan’s inward heel into boys club banks taking the title for the best trick to ever go down into that bank, Hal doing his trademark no comply boosted over a curb planter, as well as a fucking mental no comply frontside flip UP a stair set (!!!), Aviv flicking perfect 360 flips down stairs at Warwick Uni, even video chief Callum getting stuck in with a few tricks himself!

The video has that uniquely British feel to it, but perhaps I latched onto it even more because not only is there a ton of London in this video, but an awful lot of local spots that got me hyped on the local scene. Warwick Uni gets a good seeing too, Leamington’s parade gets shredded, Cov city centre’s many familiar spots get skated too – it’s a video that basically puts the Cov & Warwickshire stamp on the UK skate scene with authority.

The quality of skating in this video is incredibly good, and truth be told I think both of the Sumo videos are massively underrated – they are showing some next level skateboarding from the locals, filmed and edited beautifully. I’ll be disappointed if people are still sleeping on Callum’s content by the next time he drops a video – so with that said do yourself a favour and check out TV Star now!

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