Skateboard Videos. The Terrible Company’s main export. I’ve been making skate videos for 20 years (and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon). The Terrible Company has aligned with a rogue’s gallery of UK skateboarders since the blog’s beginnings in 2003, including full parts from notable UK professional skateboard people like Daryl Nobbs, Joxa, Lucas Healey, Josh Walters, Ant Smith and Jim Langran. I don’t just make videos with sponsored X-Games Street League Mountain Dew types though, I just film rad skateboarding from rad people, as evidenced below.

Browse the full Vimeo library here, or check out the highlights below:

To view The Terrible Company’s newest full-length video GHOSTFACE – click here.

The “Dead and Loving It” Era

Detailing videos from 2016 – 2019


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Released December 2018

Franchi$e is a cynical, satirical, daft end of the “Dead and Loving It” Era, celebrating the first 15 years of The Terrible Company. Featuring [Redacted] , Freddy Hackett, Moose, Harry Myers, Nich Horishny, Chris Mander, Joxa, Ben Keegan, Joe Atkins, Jim Langran, Tony Lui, Stan Byrne and Joe Fleming.


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Released June 2018

Shredventures Into The Unknown features from Harry Tomecek, Nich Horishny, Pro Marky, Pip, Alex Kililis and Lucas Healey.

Dream Land

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Released December 2017

Dream Land is a trippy, cotton candy shredfest featuring the likes of Tom Sly, Tom Wildman, Alex Walker, Freddy Hackett, Stan Byrne and Joe Fleming.

Peace Horse

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Released June 2017

Peace Horse aka Pea Sauce aka Pee Source aka Piece Whores features the skateboarding talents of Pro Marky, Stan Byrne, Joe Fleming and Joxa.

The OG Era

This era spans from 2003 – 2013: with videos from The Terrible Company’s time as a Coventry scene website. Highlights below:


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Released September 2010

Cthulhu is a Thrasher video mashed up with an episode of Chris Morris’ Jam (those of you below a certain age will not get that reference). Featuring Chris Mander, Ade The Terrible, Rosko, Ralph Cooper, Harry Myers, Matt Burrows, Joxa, Daryl Nobbs and Josh Walters.


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Released October 2009

Batface is a feature length, hour long, raw, gnarly, rough-as-fuck grindhouse skate video featuring daft tricks, coping smashing, the dirtiest street spots and clips of horror movies and gory video games. This one was reviewed in Sidewalk and got two premieres: at the Boardroom, and at one of Swampy’s legendary Halloween bowl shredding parties. Featuring Lewis Homer, Chris Mander, Becky Jacques, Rosko, Tom Albrow, Ade The Terrible, Joxa, Tony Lui, Harry Myers, Daryl Nobbs, Josh Walters and Ralph Cooper.

Cannonball Holocaust

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Released September 2012

Cannonball Holocaust was a true collaboration across the Coventry scene, with a few filmers helping out, and featuring a group of the cities biggest rippers of the time, with some true NBD tricks, and a banger video ender part from Lucas Healey, with his first full video part. The video is an unofficial Ride video, featuring 3 of the team members of the era. Featuring Moose, Kyle Smith, Joe Atkins, Tez Aldersley, Tony Lui and Lucas Healey.

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