January 2023 Update

Making your life worse for 20 years.

2023 is here, and with that comes a special milestone for this blog. 20 years ago, me and a group of mates gathered at our local skatepark, made a skateboard video, and I started up a blog to tell people about it. After all this time I’m still here doing the same thing, and I am utterly convinced that that is a good thing. Maybe?

We’re celebrating all years long, and throughout 2023 I’ll be posting some great content looking back at the past 20 years. It’s not just me writing pure nonsense about this blog’s history though. Some good mates have stepped up to reminisce about their favourite memories of the blog, with the first blog post coming from our resident photograph-G Ryan Bradley, as he runs down his Top 5 Terribleco video parts. More to come as we continue throughout the year…

But wait, there’s more! I’ve got some rad collabs in the works with Coventry based skateboarding brands: Project No. 5 and Town Rat Crew collabs are coming in hot, with more in the works too. Very early plans are in place for an event to mark this prestigious birthday too, with a rather special video thing coming too.

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Concrete Jungle

10 years ago, The Terrible Company celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. This was also the year The Terrible Company *died*. To tell the story behind that weird statement, we need to look at 2013’s full length video “Concrete Jungle”.

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