November 2022 Update

Don’t Answer The Door
Don’t Leave The House.
Don’t Answer The Phone.
But Most Of All, don’t SCREAM.

GHOSTFACE is here. We had a rad premiere event to show off the video on 30th October, and the reception and turnout was amazing. We had a hugely diverse crowd: everyone from Cov OGs to kids who are new to skateboarding (and their parents), as well as long-time friends who were there at the inception of this blog. It was a rad way to celebrate the impending 20th anniversary of the blog, and to remind myself that people are actually still hyped on The Terrible Company. So, for that – thank you to every single person who has supported Ghostface and this blog.

So, what’s next? Well, we’re obviously a long way off. The “Done When It’s Done” approach has paid off massively for Ghostface, so we’ll be doing that again. Some very early work has begun on the video, but past a name, core theme and a small group of people who have reached out to register their interest in filming a part, there’s nothing more to say on that for now.

That means back to business as usual, with blog posts and the occasional jettison of offcuts in SYNERGY. When can you expect more Synergy? Well seeing as we haven’t even started making another video yet, it might be a while. But with A NEW HOPE of a new video project on the Horizon, we know I won’t have to FORCE people to put down rad tricks, even with the PHANTOM MENACE of the winter weather approaching. You could say that the next Synergy episode might be STAR WARS related and will drop on MAY THE 4TH. Shit, that last hint was probably too obvious.

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November 2022 Video Roundup

I don’t know what the regular cadence is for these anymore, but I saw some cool video parts this month and wanted to call them out, so the video roundup is back once again

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