September 2022 Update

This workout’ll kill you…

After a pretty… let’s say shitty… Summer for myself – there is only one silver lining. Ghostface is coming together. We got a video. We did it. Congrats everyone. I’m still not ready to lift the curtain on the video named after Woodsboro’s meanest individual just yet, but if you head over to the blog page you’ll catch the latest episode of Synergy (the last before Ghostface drops). This latest episode has a little extra special surprise hidden at the end if you stick around. There’s some early plans for a Ghostface premiere, and I still need to gather a tiny bit of footage, so you can still expect some little Insta clips and drips of info about what’s going on here at The Terrible Company. Until then, tell me… Do ya like scary movies?

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A breakdown of Crea-ture’s new(ish) skateboarding sim

The Road To Ghosface

I wrote some guff hyping up this new video we’ve been making for 3 years now that the finish line is approaching.

SYNERGY – Volume 6

Stretch those glutes and warm up for a KILLER WORKOUT. There’s plenty of offcuts and friends footage to be seen, but beware – a killer is on the loose and the only session these fitness freaks will be attending will be THEIR FUNERALS.

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