The Worble – Worble III

For the uninitiated, The Worble crew are the daftest, gnarliest, most inventive skate crew in skateboarding. They gave the world Manramp, and have had a couple of sick full length videos that have cropped up over the last five years. Enter “Worble III”: the latest vid from the crew’s videographer Tom Mull. 

Tom is one of the Mull brothers, who make up a significant chunk of the crew’s roster – all of them absolutely shred and are always a joy to watch skating. The video also includes some rad original music from Cobra Man, a band who are closely interlinked with the crew, and provide some amazing 80’s infused synth rock to accompany the skateboarding in the video. If you’ve after DIY skateparks on top of swimming pools full of water, big handrail destruction, snappy editing, and legit tricks done in the snow, you’re in the right place.

Worble III gets things going with a banging opening part from Dave Mull. We’ve got lots of rad tricks to huge drops, skating on and off of rooftops, and tricks into huge banks and hillbombs. Some real surprises, including a 5-0 Varial Flip out on a bench. Dave always pulls out some sick lines on schoolyard benches and this trick is followed by some cruisy schoolyard lines. 

Dave Mull / Tailblockslide

Manramp makes his first of many appearances in this part, where he helps with a handrail off of a roof. One of the big tricks that blew me away was an evolution of the concept of “mega street”, with a drop in on a giant mega ramp quarter pipe on top of a church, before dropping off the roof. The ender is a sick wallie off a roof to a huge drop, after which Dave tanks off into traffic like it’s nothing.

The first Mull brother is followed by Clara Solar – who’s part is merged with a jam packed friends section. Early on she drops some beanplants down stairs, which I was happy to see as someone who prefers to do that trick over an ollie when tackling a stairset. Another early highlight is a manual, to drop, to 5050.

The friends section in the middle of this part features some sick ditch action, and the first appearance of some awful playground equipment which gets absolutely destroyed later on by some of the others in this video. Breeana Geering turns up to shred in this section, we get some sick vert bowl action from Poppy Starr Olsen, and even a guest appearance (with a suitably Worble-esque trick) from Marbie! Clara pops up throughout the rest of the section with some more street bangers, closing things off with a beanplant 360 tailblock into a bank and drop off. 

Back to the Mull brothers, with a section from Steve Mull. He opens things with a wild 5050 to hill bomb on the sketchiest, most insecure pole, which we see go horribly wrong a couple of times. Some eyebrow raising surprises in this part, with a No Comply to 5050 on a picnic table, and a 5050 on a massive handrail that’s given up on life, and appears to be half fallen apart. 

Manramp pops up again to help Steve with a 5050 into a ditch, and also a cheeky Nosegrind on a shed proves once agains that these mull boys sure love skating rooftops, cemented by a lovely Crail Bash on a chimney. That awful playground equipment crops up again, with ride up some wobbly, horrible rubber fabric to FS Axle to fakie. This thing has a balance beam/pole at the top which kind of acts like coping, but the transition is wobbly as fuck and doesn’t look like it should be skateable. The part ends with a little quick footed line – a hippy jump, and FS 360 ollie one foot off a drop!

Steve Mull is followed by a short, but rad, joint section from Eunice Chang & Tom Mull, With Eunice putting down steezy stunts, and Tom doing some wild quick footed moves. Eunice starts things off with an incredible gauntlet run over several pieces of plywood floating on top of a swimming pool full of water (Manramp getting aquatic now). Tom drops an amazing finger flip monster truck variation, and there are some sick drop curb lines from both skaters. Eunice closes this part with a rad Pop shuv into a huge bank.

L to R: Steve Mull, Alex Farrara (aka Manramp) and Dave Mull

Next up is Alex Farrara, who you might recognise as the one and only Manramp. Here he is performing without the stage name, throwing down incredibly fast lines with lots of sick powerslides. Proving that all of that hauling plywood around has given him immense strength, early on he tanks it at a rad wallride rock fakie. He’s not afraid to get tech either, with a sick Nollie Back Biggie to Switch Manny 180 out, a Half Cab Bluntslide Bigspin out on a ditch quarter, and another appearance of that horrible playground equipment spot with a Blunt fakie. He even finds time to do Rollerblade lines like Tom Albrow, before ending things with a gnarly Boardslide Pop Shuv over to hill bomb on a rail.

The curtains are held by Chris “Cookie” Colbourn, bringing along a jam packed part full of cruisy, technical lines. There are plenty of tech surprises and potential NBD’s in this part, with an early favourite being a FS Axle, BS 270 out on a bank to fence, and another being a BS Bluntslide FS 270 kickflip out on a block gap in a ditch. Not an NBD, but there’s an absolutely beautiful Front Smith with a stomped FS Flip out early on too.

In some cases Cookie just takes your standard “cookie cutter” (pun intended) skateboarding and slaps a little extra spice on top – like the BS 5050 on a handrail with instant pole jam after landing, or the Boneless Smith Grind he does on a handrail like he’s channeling The Gonz in Krooked Khronicles. Cookie loves blunts, and there’s a bunch of sick variations on the trick in this part, including a FS Noseblunt Shuv out, and a Front Tail, popped out backwards over the ledge like a Bluntslide, with a Heelflip to Fakie.

Cookie / Back Lip

That horrible playground equipment spot turns up one last time as Cookie blasts over it like it’s a spine at your local skatepark. The last trick is a Manramp assisted burly ollie gap, flying over a stair set and 2 handrails sideways, and landing in a massive bank. It’s DIY meets mega street, and it’s honestly the only way a video like Worble III could end.

The video closes with an awesome montage featuring some daft inventive stuff and tricks from homies. Perhaps being true to the family based nature of The Worble crew, this section (and parts of Cookies section before) celebrates everyone involved, even the band Cobra Man, truly showing that these videos aren’t full of ego. They’re diverse, inclusive, fun, and everything that is right with skateboarding. I dare you not to be stoked after watching Worble III, and if you’re sleeping on their videos you need to get yourself a primer and check this video out ASAP. “WE LOVE THE WORBLE!”

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