Poisoned Pen’s Top 5 360 Flips

FS Noseslide / Photo by Garry Jones

The Terrible Company and Martin Orton aka “Poisoned Pen” have history. Back in the days before his rad illustrations were deservedly recognised by the highest echelons of skateboarding, I used to skate with Martin, and he would provide filming duties for a couple of my videos. I say these were “my” videos, but Martin’s knowledge of skateboarding, his filming, his capability as an enthusiastic hype man, and his own creative input really made those videos more of a collaborative effort. 

Since then, Martin has moved up north, continues to be the best dad to his kids and crafts bangin’ illustrations. I really miss skating with him – I always felt 1000% more gnarly than I really am when Martin was on the session and encouraging everyone – and I miss chatting with him about his favourite skaters and tricks too! He has already contributed a Top 5 (funnily enough it was around this time last year), but I was stoked that he was keen to return and run us down another Top 5 from his encyclopaedic knowledge of 90’s skateboarding. – Ade

The following is an opinion piece brought to you by The Terrible Company in conjunction with Poisoned Pen and the number 360. The opinions are 90’s based. They do not recognise the term “tre”, or endorse “stank leggery” or “yo-ism”. This is strictly “Pop that shit! Flip that shit! Catch it!”, performed by the best during the “golden era”. Commence Poisoned Pen’s Top Five Three Sixty Flips. – Martin

5. Jason Lee in A Visual Sound 

Seen at 2:03 in the middle of a cruisy ledge line.

4. Jeremy Wray in Second Hand Smoke

Seen at 3:56, the last trick in a line is a Fakie Tre over a bench at Lockwood.

3. Jovontae Turner’s Love Child ender

2. Carl Shipman in 411 #30 

Seen at 56 seconds into the DC Euro Tour section, there’s a slow motion tre on the bank to fakie.

1. Josh Kalis Trash Can Tre at Love Park

Can’t remember the video this originally comes from, but Memory Screen included it in their Josh Kalis edit at 2:25.

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