Alex Kililis’ Quickfire 10

Photo by Jammy Creamer

Cypriot shredder Alex Kililis knows all about hammers – he drops them regularly! He can throw out mind blowing tricks quicker than most, but how will he cope with these ten quickfire questions?

  1. Kickflips Or Heelflips? Kickflips! Just love the way they feel when you flick a good one and it comes up to your feet, even though I feel my heelflips are better than my kickflips, haha. 
  2. Favourite City to Skate In? Barcelona was definitely one of my favourite cities to skate. You just can’t beat the amazing spots everywhere you go, the good food, the DAMN LEMONS and the vibes at Macba.
  3. Noseslide Or Tailslide? Noseslides for me. They are so fun to do especially when you sit on them on a long waxed up ledge.
  4. Concrete Coping or Marble Ledges? Both have their own unique feeling but the feel and sound of a marble ledge is the one for me!
  5. What size board are you skating at the minute? Currently skating an 8.125 but I got a 8.25 ready to go next.
  6. Best mini ramp trick?  I fucking suck on mini ramp, haha. I love doing blunt to fakies though.
  7. Street or skateparks? Grew up skating street cause we had no skateparks in Cyprus at the time, and even after living in the UK and visiting some of the best parks, I still prefer street.
  8. Rodney Mullen or Daewon Song? Daewon Song! His Almost Round Three part was nuts! Skating benches and rails across two trucks? That’s fucked!
  9. What’s the biggest stair set you’ve ever skated? Biggest set I ever skated was this 5 block at this local school we always skate in Limassol, Cyprus. 
  10. Who has the best Hardflip you’ve ever seen? A good friend of mine from Birmingham – Marcus Palmer – has the best hardflips I have ever seen, hands down! He’s got a proper ninja hardflip, on lock, and can do it down anything. And I mean ANYTHING!

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