Alfie Morrey’s Top 5 Skate Videos

Warwickshire all terrain gnar wizard Alfie Morrey returns to the blog to run down his Top 5 skateboarding videos to get him stoked for a skate.

Photo by @tomb.ig

5. Raney Beres’ “Identity Crisis” part

This video part is heavy – when the beat drops at the start, and Raney does that tre-flip? Oh damn, it’s so good! With a mixture of skating gnarly pools, rails, china banks and huge as fuck spots that
are so fast and massive, it makes an amazing video. Raney is such a cool mother fucker too!

4. Anti-Hero – COW

Some raw skating and proper gnarly stuff. I recently brought this on VHS, because I needed to have an original copy, haha. First part Cardiel skating a bowl with a fly on the lens – he hangs up and eats shit, then screams. Such a sick part. Then comes Andy Roy skating to “Who Are You” by Void – again, just sending it!

This video kills it, and there’s nothing better. Even has the Gonz in it. I forgot to add any Gonz parts to this list, they are all amazing and I just couldn’t narrow it down. The Gonz is always number one without question, so I had to give him a shout out here.

3. Matt Hensley in “Hokus Pokus”

This part starts out with Hensley skating in Doc Martens. I mean that makes it insanely amazing. All of “Hokus Pokus” is sick, but Matt’s part always stands out to me with the song “A Whole Lot Less” by Sub Society. Skating is his garage or ripping up a car park: it’s so raw and you know its just him skating with his mates, and that makes it so much sicker!


I mean, it’s a funny ass video, with all the Only Fools and Horses banter, and music from old UK sitcoms. You got fight scenes, and Stella based lad action, but also some gnarly skating from Jake Snelling, Craig Questions and others. With lots of bonelesses, sweepers, and basically any tricks where you grab your board, and that makes me happy. Gets me stoked to skate every time.

1. Anti-Hero – “Destination Unknown”

Gotta be my number one. I’ve watched it over and over, and it’s the first proper skate video that got me into the Anti-Hero crew. Andy, Jeff, Tony, Peter and Frank are all so rad and their parts fill me with stoke every time.

Love the bit where the duelling banjos are playing as they skate the full pipes. Jeff’s part, where he skates to “Runnin’ A Riot” by Cock Sparrer is fucking gnarly. The part that fires me up the most has to be Andy Roy’s part with GG Allin on the soundtrack, and his balls to the wall full commitment. No bails style! Gets me so hyped to go throw myself into some concrete at the
skatepark haha!

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