Lucas Healey’s Top 5 Herbert Bank Tricks

Photo by Dane Barker

To all of the skaters of Coventry, I have one thing to say to you about Lucas Healey and the Herbert Art Gallery. You think the bank at the Herbert is your ally? You merely adopted the bank. Lucas Healey was born on it, molded by it. He didn’t skate another type of bank until he was already a man, and by then it was nothing to him but easy to skate! 

*Ahem* By this, I mean Lucas knows a thing or two about skating the bank at the Herbert Art Gallery. For the uninitiated, The Herbert is the go-to spot in Coventry. It’s the home of street skating in the city. It’s the training facility where most of the city’s skate sessions begin. It’s also seen some fantastic tricks go down on it’s bank. Here’s a Top 5, picked by Goose himself. And if you stick around after, I’ve dropped some honourable mentions in at the end.

5. Pip’s Nollie Flip In

A note-worthy Nollie Flip from Tom Seeley as well:

4. Flo Mirtain Fakie Flip Tailside Pop In

This one was a photo sequence in Sidewalk Issue 218. It was shot by Leo Sharp for the “Where’s Cliche?” tour in 2014.

Ade: It’s pretty rare to see it online – Leo had to dig this out of his archives for this blog post.

3. Ben Keegan’s Switch Hardflip in

2. Will Golding’s Hardflip Back Tail 180 in

This is from Goldting’s Get420 part.

Ade: I didn’t want to see a mention of Will Golding without this noteworthy quick footed move from Get3 as well:

Both of these Golding tricks were filmed by Callun Loomes.

1. Eric Thomas’ BS 180

Another trick from a Get Lesta video. Obviously filmed by Cal again.

Honourable Mentions from Ade

A couple of these were grabbed from Insta, but most are picked from my extensive archive of old Cov footage.

Lucas’ Nollie 360

Ryan Stanway’s Nollie BS Flip

Ben Keegan’s Nollie BS Flip In

Charlie Kerr’s Boneless Nosepick

Kyle Smith’s Hardflip In

Tony Lui’s FS 180 Fakie Nosegrind In

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