Roxana Howlett’s Quickfire 10

360 Flip

Girl Skate UK 2020 Skater Of The Year and Jart rider Roxana Howlett is used to dropping hammers down stairs and flip tricks over hips. How will she fare against 10 rapid fire questions from yours truly? Only one way to find out. – Ade

  1. Skateparks or Street? Street. 
  2. Varial Kickflip or Varial Heelflip? Varial Heel. 
  3. Favourite Skatepark? Westchester Plaza, LA or Radlands, Northampton. 
  4. What size board do you skate? 7.87. 
  5. Stairs or gaps? Stairs. 
  6. 5-0 or Nosegrind? 5-0 on a ledge. Nosegrind on a quarter. 
  7. Southbank or Stockwell? Southbank! 
  8. Ledges or rails? Ledges. 
  9. Favourite Pro Skater? Torey Pudwill or Margie Didal. 
  10. If you hadn’t won Girl Skate UK Skater Of The Year – who do you think would have won? Oooh, tricky question… I’m not sure as they were all so rad!

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