2022: The Year In Review

Compared to the last 2 years where I’ve run these year in review posts, 2022 was a bit of a strange one. The vast variety of blog posts that I was posting in the 2 years prior slowed down a bunch this year. That didn’t mean there was nothing happening here on the blog though. Some months were slower than others, but I was always determined to be working on something – here’s a breakdown of what we got up to this year. 

January & February

  • Warwickshire born and bred George Horler kicked off the year in fine form by putting out a short part featuring local Cov & Leamington spots for his sponsors over at Scottish board merchants Garden Skateboards.
  • If you like Video Games, I did a SkaterXL video thing in January – Fractured Mind is a video part containing some rad virtual skateboarding if that’s your bag.
  • Synergy Volume 4 started February off with high speed antics fast enough for Daytona raceway. 
  • Skateboarding games are back baby. OlliOlli World came out in February and I gave it glowing praise in my review. 
  • We celebrated Valentine’s Day the only way we know how: a montage of Chris Mander’s sexy backside disaster variations from over the years. 

March & April

  • March was a quiet one. Although notably I called out Jordan Thackeray’s Pre-Op part as being worth a watch. 
  • March was quiet because it was spent out and about filming all manner of footage for Synergy Volume 5. See you next time, Space Cowboy. 


June, July & August

  • I wrote up an editorial piece about the future of Bournbrook DIY. Luckily it seems to be safe, for now. 
  • Oof. June was a bad month for me. My dad passed away on the 27th of June, and I wrote up a few words about his impact on me. Things went real quiet after this. 
  • I was commissioned to make a short promo for Warwick District Council in July – COMMONWEALTH was screened live in the middle of Leamington during the Commonwealth Games. 



  • This was a big month for us. Ghostface was celebrated all up on and off the blog, starting with a few little interviews with some of the lads involved. 
  • Ghostface premiered at a rad event held at Fargo Village in Coventry, in collaboration with Project No. 5 and Just Dropped In. 
  • Ghostface was published here on the blog in time for Halloween. If you haven’t watched it yet please watch it. 



So that concludes 2022. A weird, shitty, great, awful, fantastic year. Next year is a really special one, as 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of The Terrible Company. Logic should tell you that 2023 might be more eventful than 2022, but I ain’t promising anything. See you in the new year. 

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