Banter 4K

Coming in just under the wire before 2022 ends, Birmingham’s Banter Skateboards has dropped a fresh 7 and a half minute edit, filmed in total 4K glory. Featuring a healthy selection of Brum’s finest skaters, the bangers come thick and fast, and there’s a healthy variety of skateboarding on offer.

I’ve been quietly keeping an eye on Banter’s rad video output over the last few years, but this one caught my eye due to my good mate Connor Lomas (aka Duffman) making an appearance. After his appearance in my latest vid Ghostface, and now this rad appearance in Banter4K, man is getting around. Duffman is one to watch – I’ve been telling everyone this for years, and now we’re seeing the Con-aissance, aka the rise of Duff.

Listen it’s been a hell of a year and I’m tired. Leave me alone and watch the video.

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