The Road To Ghosface

Guess the trick… Charlie Kerr gettin’ dirty for the camera. P: Ryan Bradley

Now that the trailer for this video is out in the wild, we are locked in: Ghostface is coming, and it is gonna be beamed into your eye holes via the trusty old Terribleco Vimeo account from Halloween of this year… With perhaps something a little more special planned for the spooky period prior to the video appearing online…

Honestly it feels like an eternity since I posted a thing on Instagram about how we had started filming a new video. In September 2019, we were in a world without a pandemic, a different outlook on life, and part of me felt like maybe we might have this thing wrapped up in a year – a year and a half maximum. 3 years later, and only now are things wrapping up.

It’s been the longest amount of time spent on making one of these videos. And along the way some lessons learned about how I should have been making these videos over the last 10 years. If The Terrible Company was going to evolve and be a better version of itself, Ghostface is the start of that.

Weird to say it, but this means maybe letting go of the old way of doing things. Ghostface is the last time you are likely to see full parts from Chris Mander, Joxa or myself. It’s the first video where, for the most part, I held off putting things out quickly, with an eye for cutting the tricks that maybe weren’t as good, and keeping the best footage from each person.

When it really came down to it, I had to make tough calls on plans I had made for potential full parts and scrap hefty chunks of the video to keep a focus on quality. It’s a huge labour of love for skateboarding.

In the words of Harrison Ford – “I won’t fall down for you again”. GHOSTFACE is gonna feature my last ever full part.

It’s the first time in about 10 years since Cannonball Holocaust that I have collaborated with other filmers. It’s the first time where I have edited stuff over and over again until I am 100%, completely happy with what I’m seeing. There is always room to improve, but with Ghostface I honestly feel like I have made the best out of what I got, and that often hasn’t been the case for my other recent videos.

Ghostface is the first time in a very long time that I feel like I have made something connected to the Coventry skate scene. I spent the last 10 years feeling disconnected, untethered and not really included in any skate scene. The videos I made were largely “Who’s skating with me at the minute?” rather than what this blog was at its peak: giving the spotlight to people from my home city (and surrounding areas) who get me stoked on skateboarding.

Ghostface has got me skating with friends in the city again. It’s got me reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and filming people I never had the chance to before. Whether these people are those with full parts, or guest appearances, there is something that feels like a group effort about this video. I’ve edited it, but everyone involved grafted and added an ingredient of their own to the finished thing.

I’m always way too self-indulgent with these blog posts, but this video has been a heck of a ride – and I am very proud of what I have. Even still, it’s not done yet. We’re on the home stretch, the destination’s in sight, and this train is pulling up to the station. And when this baby rolls up, you’re gonna see a bigger, badder Terrible Company. I hope you enjoy it.

See you at Halloween

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