Ghostface Begins

GHOSTFACE features a real mixed bag of skateboarders who grew out of the Coventry skate scene. I was able to convince about half of them to answer some questions themed around the video, so get a load of this before checking out the full video when it drops next week! 

What’s your favourite trick from your part?

Charlie: The frontside Ollie on the wallride banks at dickpark. One of my favourite photos to come out of Coventry’s past was of the same trick at the same spot by Daryl Nobbs. 

Formy: Probably the nose manny into boys club because who doesn’t love a hill bomb? 

Moose: I don’t remember what I filmed, haha. 

Ade: I learnt a bunch of weird new shit for my part. My favourite new thing is like a BS Boneless wraparound to FS Boneless on a quarter. I spotted it on Insta and knew I had to learn it! 

Harry: There’s a back tail I did on a bank at Shefford. I love the sound it makes.

Joxa: I’d say, “the tree plant”, or my tricks from the Churchdown bowl.

What’s your favourite spot in Coventry? 

Charlie: Ever? The Marble wallride. Currently, it has to be Herbert, but I do have a soft spot for any kind of wallride. So naturally, dickpark at the Magistrates courts is very close to my heart.

Formy: The “3 flat 3 flat 3” outside Sydney Stringer School doesn’t get the love it deserves. 

Moose: Herbs 4 lyf. 

Ade: I mean, it will be forever Brickies, but it’s not really accessible anymore. My favourite spot from this video is them rough, dirty, mossy banks around the magistrates courts, more colloquially known as “dickpark”. 

Harry: My favourite spot in Cov (that’s still around) is probably Walsgrave Fountain.

Joxa: Walsgrave Fountain!

Whose part in the video are you most looking forward to seeing (other than your own)? 

Charlie: Lewis G! The guy has pop! And a Mohawk, can’t go wrong.

Formy: Moose because his stunts are always my favourite.

Moose: Keen to see Kerr’s part. 

Ade: This is cheating, because I’ve seen all of the parts already. My favourite one is Zac’s. 

Harry: I’m looking forward to everyone’s parts really. I mean it’s a stellar line up. And they have all been killing it. 

Joxa: Chris Mander. 

What’s the worst injury you experienced during the period where this video was filmed?

Charlie: Cracked ribs, both sides of my body and different times. Couldn’t even watch comedy, laughing hurt too much. You don’t even want to know about sneezes.

Formy: I rolled my ankle at Herbert in 2019, and it still looks just as fat as when I initially did it. Since then I genuinely haven’t skated enough to get an injury, haha. 

Moose: Having a double bullectomy (lung surgery) definitely sucked! 

Ade: The worst injury I experienced was a bruised ego from not being able to skate as well as when I was 25.

Harry: Not an injury per se, but I did get sciatica a while back and that truly sucked! I couldn’t walk and the pain was unbearable. I couldn’t even put my own shoes and socks on!

Joxa: Broken elbow, and finding out I have moderate level arthritis in my hip.

What’s your favourite scary movie? 

Charlie: Such a hard one as I am the most indecisive person. A24 studios have made some pretty mad films, Hereditary and Midsommar are both really good. The Shining is up there. Definitely the Alien movies! Oh, and Signs fucked me up real good as a little kid. I could keep naming movies for days, haha. 

Formy: Any of the Saw movies, or The Hills Have Eyes (not the remake, never the remake).

Ade: It Follows. 

Harry: My favourite scary movie is Friday the 13th. I’m a sucker for Jason Vorhees. 

Joxa: John Carpenter’s The Thing.

GHOSTFACE is the new feature length skateboarding film from The Terrible Company, featuring Charlie Kerr, Alex “Formy” Formstone, Chris Mander, Alex “Moose” McGhie, Jack Taylor, Ade “The Terrible” Cottrell, Harry Myers, Connor “Duffman” Lomas, Stephen “Joxa” Delves, Lewis Guest and Zac Parkinson. 

It will premiere at Fargo Village in Coventry City Centre on 30th October 2022, followed by an online launch streaming here on the Terrible Company blog from 31st October 2022

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