Ghost Town

An exploration of skate spot history in Coventry, talking to locals about their favourite long gone spots.

Lockdown Game Of SKATE Update 4

Adrian aka Ellian Lisica aka Marco Ginelli aka Barca Moves aka Tech Wizard 2020 is our Lockdown Game Of SKATE Champion. His Nollie BS 360 Heelflip sealed the deal and stumped Ryans Bradley and Stanway, causing them to pick up their final letters. More breakdown and reflection of the overall game after the jump. This Game... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Game Of SKATE: Update 3

Another week, another Game Of SKATE update - this update covers everything up until Wednesday this week. With the final 3 players heading into the endgame, things have slowed down a little as we wait for each of these gents to carve out some time to attempt each trick. They’ve hung around this long, so... Continue Reading →

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