Lockdown Game Of SKATE: Update 2

Week 2 of the Lockdown Game Of SKATE has come to a close, and things have heated up considerably. At the end of last week, most people were still in the game, with a fair few competitors sitting on S, or no letters whatsoever. What a difference a week makes: 9 people are gone, with... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Game Of SKATE: Update 1

We’re one week in on the Lockdown Game Of SKATE, and above you can see the current standings. Here’s a breakdown of how the past week has played out.The RulesIt’s probably worth saying this thing was going to play out very differently to your average game of SKATE. We’re not playing Berrics rules!No Complies, Bonelesses... Continue Reading →

2020 Vision

This year was meant to be full of promise, but the reality has been less than great. I compare the 2020 that we got with what should have been.

An Obituary To Brickies

If you are local to the Coventry area, or have followed The Terrible Company for a while, then you might be familiar with a spot called Brickies (aka “The Brickworks”, or more formally known as “Coventry Council House”). Without any irony, Brickies was one of my favourite skate spots in the world, which is why... Continue Reading →


Against my better judgement, I finally caved and bought Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 over the Easter Weekend. It is not a good game.I paid 9 quid for it on the Xbox store, and whilst 9 quid may seem like a bargain for a relatively new skateboarding game, there are so many things wrong with... Continue Reading →

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