Joe Fleming’s Worst Road Trip

In response to Monday’s blog post about the worst road trip in Terrible Company history, Joe Fleming had a story of his own…

“Haha this just reminded me: Chizel and I had a pretty fucked up road trip. It was all for a good cause, to raise money for a charity.

We skated from Bedworth to the House of Vans in London. Skated down the A5, dodging lorries and puddles in potholes (it was raining)

Got into Milton Keynes to find out we were the wrong side of an overflowed river, so we had to strip off to our boxers to wade through it. I was using a stick to test the depth of it.

We could barely move the next day, and skated the rest of the way to find out it was BMW day at House of Vans…”

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