Lockdown Game Of SKATE Update 4

Adrian aka Ellian Lisica aka Marco Ginelli aka Barca Moves aka Tech Wizard 2020 is our Lockdown Game Of SKATE Champion. His Nollie BS 360 Heelflip sealed the deal and stumped Ryans Bradley and Stanway, causing them to pick up their final letters. More breakdown and reflection of the overall game after the jump. 

This Game Of SKATE was an experiment born out of feeling trapped and desperate in a scary and uncertain time. I went in almost blind unsure if it was going to work, or if people would even see it through to the end. I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised: Once I got into the swing of things and the communication with the entrants was up and running it all just kinda fell into place. I don’t think I’ll run another one of these, because if I do it means we’re in Lockdown again, and to be honest I would just like it if we never have to battle a global pandemic ever again. 

Post Game Stats:

  • 20 tricks were set throughout the whole game. 
  • Apart from Adrian’s final trick, Ryan Bradley’s Pressure Flip was the only set to get everyone in the game a letter.
  • Adrian, Ryan Bradley and Ryan Stanway were tied for the most sets during the game, with 3 each. 
  • Alex Walker, Tom Sly and Kelvin McGurk didn’t even get to set at all. 
  • 5 boneless/no comply tricks were set during the whole game. I think some people were concerned allowing these tricks would fill the game with silly tricks, but most of the tricks set were flip tricks. 
  • The only trick set in switch stance was Freddy Hackett’s Switch Flip
  • Although too late to join the official competition: Ralph Cooper played along as an honorary guest (due to this was not allowed to set any tricks himself). He was knocked out by Jack Taylor’s BS No Comply Bigspin. 

I wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who took part. Even to those who ducked out early – just showing interest and trying to connect with people during lockdown no matter how you do it has been incredibly important, so big up to all those involved.

To end, here is Adrian’s game ending Nollie Full Cab Heelflip!

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