Lockdown Game Of SKATE: Update 3

Another week, another Game Of SKATE update – this update covers everything up until Wednesday this week. With the final 3 players heading into the endgame, things have slowed down a little as we wait for each of these gents to carve out some time to attempt each trick. They’ve hung around this long, so I think the least I can do is allow them some extra buffer time to have a proper 24 hour work through of each trick. With that said, here’s how we got here…

Week 3 Breakdown

  1. Last Friday, Ryan Stanway (rjes), got a Fakie Varial Heelflip – with Josh Williams (townratjosh) and Charlie Kerr (mrmojorisin23) both on T, this trick was a red alert. Josh managed to cling on, basically learning this trick in a day, whilst Kerr was knocked out of the comp, after clawing on for so long.
  2. Next up was Ryan Bradley (ryanbradley_1) – having been the only person to set a trick so far that no one was able to land, everyone was prepared for RB to set something difficult. He brought out an Inward Heeflip, giving Ryan Stanway a letter, and knocking Josh out of the comp completely. Adrian aka Ellian (ellian_ever_after) got this trick and stopped RB from getting another clean sweep. 
  3. Jack Taylor (jack98taylor) surprised a few people by clinging on for so long, learning and re-learning a lot of the tricks that had been set. By the time he rolled around for his second set, he was ready for blood – and went straight for the no complies with a No Comply BS Bigspin. This is a tricky one, and Jack even admitted it gave him some trouble trying to set it. Surprising no-one, Adrian got this one pretty easily, and even self-proclaimed No Comply hater Ryan Stanway managed to bag it as well. Special effort prize goes to RB though, who had never even tried this trick before, and battled all day to get it.
  4. After a fairly fun and quirky first set, Adrian came back with a more aggressive Nollie 360 Flip. This one knocked Jack out of the comp, bringing us down to our final 3. Stanway got this one (I knew this would be a trick he had in his bag!), but RB picked up a letter on this trick, after battling to land it. He got painfully close, and the land he sent over to me was a redo at best: it was a 90 degree Nollie Varial flip thing, and whilst I am a lenient judge, I had to call that out as not a land. Sorry!
  5. Back around to Ryan Stanway, who was now trying to get strategic with his sets. Firing back after RB’s Inward Heel and Adrian’s Nollie Tre, he brought out a Nollie Double Flip – a trick that I was pretty sure only Ryan Stanway could do. The main casualty here was RB again, who couldn’t push it past 1 and a half rotations, despite a good effort, and picked up a T on this trick. Adrian managed to once again surprise everyone by somehow getting this trick.
  6. The final trick covered in this update was RB’s Fakie Inward Heel. Utilising the same method by others who had set fakie variations of previously set tricks to force people to land their attempts rolling, this trick got Stanway a letter. By now he was starting to feel the burn and was suffering from what could be a foot injury – considering he already knew Inward Heels were a weakspot for him he strategically took a letter, saving his energy in hopes of getting round to setting a banger later on. It might not surprise you to learn that Adrian also landed this trick too, though.

Going into the end of this week, the current trick that has been set is Adrian’s Nollie BS Full Cab Heelflip. This is an incredibly technical and difficult trick, and could potentially finish the game. Despite this, speaking to Adrian he doesn’t want to celebrate too early, especially as this kind of trick is within the realm of possibility for both of the other entrants. Having said that, I think the next update for the comp with very likely be me announcing a winner! Stay tuned.

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