The Triple 04.06.21

Early grab back tails, bowl shredding lines and surprise footplants. It’s The Triple for 4th June 2021.

3. Felipe Nunes’ Backside Tailslide

For anyone unfamiliar, Brazilian Birdhouse shredder Felipe Nunes is a double amputee, who is missing both of his legs. I would guess that to most skateboarders, the use of your legs is kinda key to how you ride. Nunes has made a living out of proving you can skate just fine without them though.

In the absence of a traditional ollie, Nunes utilises what you could technically call an early grab to get up onto ledges, perform flips, and do all of your bread and butter skateboard tricks. Think about early grabbing onto a handrail, and then think how gnarly it would be to get into Back Tail from that position. That’s exactly what Felipe does in this clip.

Perhaps making it even better that he just straight up tanks it at the rail. Using both hands to boost himself at the rail, he isn’t messing around here, and he tackles the rail at speeds that would make most skaters nervous.

2. Chris Gregson’s Bowl Line

Blood Wizard Pro and Thrasher filmer Chris Gregson is talented both behind and in front of the camera. Often seen skating Tony Hawk’s vert ramp, he is perfectly at home on big transitions – as seen in this clip.

It must be nice to open a legitimately eye melting run with a Frontside Flip Disaster over a channel gap. Equally so it must be nice to boost amazing Front Stalefishes like Gregson does in this clip. Brace yourself for the headliner though: a lesser seen Front Nosegrind Stalefish pull in.

I had to include the whole line at Number 2 this week – each trick is wilder than the last and any one of these fits neatly in this week’s line up. Take your pick. For me, the Nosegrind Stale takes the trophy.

1. Rahzel Ashby’s Ollie Footplant

Man how in the hell do you even figure this thing out? I was watching this clip over and over again to dissect what was going on. The gap Rahzel Ashby hits in this clip is beefy as it is, but taking your front foot off mid Ollie to plant your foot on the block in the middle of the gap is something else.

The speed, the run onto the board, the pop, the “bussup” landing – it’s all so rad that the clip is an instant classic. I’ll be re-watching this one again and again next time I wanna get hyped for a street skate.

Like many of the people who crop up on The Triple, I hadn’t heard of Rahzel before seeing this clip, but this trick was rad as hell and made me want to check out the full video it comes from: “Who Leg” by Stop Fakin’.

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