May 2021 Video Roundup

Jordan Taylor / Royale Boardslide Up And Over / Photo by Jake Darwen

With the world opening back up, you might have missed some of the raddest Youtube videos to crop up from the skateboarding world. Well, don’t worry, The Terrible Company has got your back.

Film Trucks – Flamant Rose

After Film dropped the amazing Premier Amour back in December, I honestly wasn’t expecting them to drop another video so quickly. So I was pleasantly surprised to see them pop up with a new video on the Jenkem site in May. “Flamant Rose” is a tour video of the team hitting up some sick Euro spots, including car parks and more obscure terrain in the company’s home country of France.

A chunk of the French contingent of the Film team are present here, including company founder Jeremie Daclin getting his slappy on, and sliding some sick slide variations on some chill mellow banks. Personal favourite Victor Cascarigny drops some incredibly funky moves, proving once again after Premier Amour that he is your new favourite Euro shredder. It’s a good, feel-good 8 minutes – and if you’re still sleeping on Film Trucks, you’re fooling yourself. Check this rad company out ASAP!

Quartersnacks – Favourite Spot with Anthony Van Engelen

Almost 10 minutes of Anthony Van Engelen, talking about makeshift DIY plazas made from benches that people stole, and specifically his love of a very unique curved, green, metal bench. This is an interesting story of how this seemingly innocuous piece of seating equipment basically travelled between a bunch of skateboarders’ homes, AVE’s relationship with this inanimate object, and how it found its way into the DC Video. What’s even more wild is the story of how the original bench got taken away/stolen, how he found a replica of the original bench, and also went to extreme lengths to REBUILD another copy of it – it’s a great story.

Bear Myles Grey Video Part

Settle in for 2 minutes worth of slappies, ride on tailslides and breakneck gaps to manuals from one of Bristol’s maddest shredders. Bear Myles absolutely kills it and takes to the streets of Bristol with eye-raising stunts and a daft disposition that will bring a smile to any moody old gits face. If you’re ever feeling down in the dumps, just stick this part on and you’ll be smiling and in the mood to shred in no time.

The New Yorker – The Hillbombing Skateboarders of San Francisco

Ignore the fact that The New Yorker refers to Heroin team member Zane Timpson as a “Skateboard Enthusiast” (what’s wrong with “Pro Skateboarder”?), this video is really cool and is a great insight into one of the scariest parts of skateboarding. Forget your mega ramps, forget your massive stair sets: Bombing a hill, getting speed wobbles and going the fastest you can possibly go on a skateboard is the scariest part of skateboarding. However, it’s also one of the most freeing, accessible and amazing feelings you can feel on a skateboard, and this video does a great job of explaining why.

Jordan Taylor’s “WKND 2021” Video

This new part from WKND’s Jordan Taylor cropped up on the Thrasher site during the first week of May, and similar to the fantastic “Setting Up” by Pyramid Country, this part is full of interesting, quirky Street skating with the gnarly meter dialled up to 11. There’s a massive selection of rad slappy/ride on combos in this part, quick-footed tricks (like a sick ollie up onto a bench, followed by an 5050 up a tight handrail next to a wall) and some really sick narrow rideaways on thin, treacherous paths and into tiny tunnels and alleyways. It also comes bundled with an extra 5 minutes of B roll tricks and skits after the full part is done.

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