Freddy Hackett’s Top 5 Hardflips

Photo by Nathan Darby

As you well know I love Hardflips, whether it’s the front shuv kickflip style or the more vertical through the legs 90s Muska style (yes I know his were frontside flips but its just an example) So here is my top 5 (and a little extra). I’m sure after I send this I will change my mind or remember one I overlooked but whatever. – Fred

5. Daewon – Love Child 

It’s probably the worst looking Hardflip ever (Daewon’s words, not mine), but it was the first one to be in a video part as far as I am aware (1992), so for that reason alone it deserves a spot. And, it’s Daewon!

4. Luan Oliveira – Strike and Destroy

All of his Hardflips are insane: the way he catches them is unreal, with his front foot all sideways, pulling the board from almost behind him. Fucked!

3. Brandon Turner – Carlsbad and Wallenberg

Not a whole lot to say about this apart from who the fuck Switch Hardflips both of these legendary spots? Brandon fucking Turner!!! Madness. Also, big up the vertical style flip.

2. Chris Joslin – “No Hope”

This one is just straight up fucked, massive pop, crazy 90 degree catch over a huge water gap, and the style is insane. Classic Joslin.

1. Bryan Herman – Every single Hardflip

For me this is the perfect Hardflip: sort of halfway between the vertical and horizontal, style for days, and the sound it makes as it smacks his feet on the catch. 

Honourable mentions

Yuri Facchini

For doing sick Hardflip back tails, he’s one of, if not my favourite, skaters right now!

Marcus Palmer (@tokessdaily

A Hardflip after my own heart, big up Marcus man. Super nice dude with a killer Hardflip!

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