The Triple 28.05.21

Playground oddities, repurposed barriers and grabs down stairs. It’s The Triple for May 28th 2021.

3. Ron Calow’s Fakie Bigflip

Ron Calow does two tricks in this clip – a Fakie Bigflip and a Fakie Tre. Whilst the Tre is pretty rad, it’s the Bigflip that got my stoked this week. On a standard weekday session down at Sheffield’s Dev Green, Ron skates a barrier “borrowed” from a building site, boosting off one of the big banks for a makeshift gap. Skateparks are always a bit more fun when you bring random obstacles, eh?

2. Helena Long skating Playground Equipment

At number 2 this week is Helena Long skating a really weird piece of playground equipment in deepest Buckinghamshire. To be honest this thing looks like a lot of fun – I have long worn my love of brick banks on my sleeve, and this thing looks like you can hit it in so many ways. I say “looks like”, but in this post Long very obviously skates this thing a couple of ways.

First up, bouncing off the bank onto the tiny handrail – The handrail isn’t massive but it’s certainly awkward to get to, and a left field way to skate this obstacle. Secondly, she hits up one of the steps/seats (I’m not entirely sure what those weird cut-outs in the bank are meant to be), with 2 snazzy moves: first a Pop Shuv Nosestall, and then a Pop Shuv Nosestall Revert.

1. Zach Allen’s 360 Nosegrab

If you think grabs down stairs are lame, well Zach Allen would like to have a word. Out of all of the grab tricks that have been popularised on the street, one of my favourite lesser seen variants is the BS 360 Nosegrab. 360 grabs down stairs always look cool as fuck, and the humble Nosegrab is amplified tenfold by a 360 spin. The way the tail drags during the spin, and the added “twisted” look they have means it’s often hard to make them look bad.

This BS 360 Nosegrab comes at the end of a cruisy little street line – Allen rides down a super thin bank wedged between a handrail and a wall, stomps a casual 3 shuv, and then tanks at the stair set at the end. The BS 360 Nosegrab here is a textbook example of how you do this trick down a gap, and it reminded me that grabs on street are amazing – sorry, I don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is.

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