The Triple 21.05.21

Aubergines, Brick Walls and Speedy Footwork. It’s The Triple for 21st May 2021.

3. Jesse Lindloff’s Alley Oop Eggplant

Kicking things off this week with a head spinning transition trick from Jesse Lindloff. This alley oop Eggplant is a mind bender, done casual as you like and thrown with authority over a doorway gap. Check the cheeky powerslide at the end for extra style.

2. Chandler Burton’s Wallride BS 180

There Skateboards powerhouse Chandler Burton comes in hot with this charging Wallride Backside 180. Bombing across a playground full of DIY ramps, Burton walkies over a little wedge and then tanks it at a quarter attached to a wall. The Wallride off the edge onto flat would be sick enough, but Burton twists a beefy BS 180 out. Pure fire.

1. Kai Kishi’s FS 180 5-0 Switch Front Shuv Out

How God damn perfect and spot on is this trick? Frontside 180 to Switch BACKSIDE 5-0, with a Switch Front Shuv out. The awkward 180 the hard way is what makes this trick for me. I’d still like it if it was a Back 180 into the trick, but going in the hard way just made this thing so rad. The smoothness of the execution makes it instantly re-watchable, and I found myself mesmerised by this trick this week.

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