Alex Walker’s Top 5 Songs From Skate Videos

Skate videos are just amazing, are they not? Not only do we get to see the best radical moves and have brands indoctrinate us with snazzy new pieces of apparel, but we get to hear some amazing, moving pieces of music which quite often stay with us and allow us to expend our knowledge of different artists.

This article was inspired by ‘Life is a Highway’ by Rascall Flats, popularized by The American Office and the hit animated movie, Cars… Yes that sounds stupid but do you ever hear a piece of music and think yeah that would sound dope over some skating? I imagined people doing no-comply moves, crookeds down handrails whilst holding the tail, and generally having fun and being creative. If you have not heard the tune go check it out now, it will be in your head for ages.

5. Band of Horses – The Funeral

(Guy Mariano, Fully Flared, 2007)

This is one depressing as hell song but it is a beautiful piece of music. I think it ties in with his road to recovery. Mariano has two tunes in this section but this one is the one that speaks to me the most. The whole video is also totally bananas so if you are a young un that has not managed to view it go check it out. The whole thing is on Youtube…

4. Jonny Rad – Skateboard Shuffle

(Bones Brigade, Search for Animal Chin, 1987)

This tune really needs no introduction. It is a total banger. Very quotable and just good fun. As is the whole skate video.

3. Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death

(Rodney Mullen, Round 2: Rodney Vs Daewon, 2000)

Mullen definitely took the red pill and awoke his higher consciousness. The cyberpunk beats coupled with his out of this world moves were mind-blowing when I first watched this video, and still are now. This standout part was released in the year 2000 and, regardless of tech ability these days, is still top quality in today’s world of skateboarding.

2. Nas – Made You Look

(P Rod, Yeah Right!, 2003)

Another two tune section and this time this one wins it for me. Yes ‘Get Down’ is a banger but this one certainly made us look. P Rod is a genuine skateboarding hall of famer; a talented individual who has brought us one of the best rosters ever seen. But if you cast your mind back to this section he will be remembered for flawless style at such a young age, and an amazing ability to skate switch. The video really set a standard for videos to come too. Spike is an amazing producer and another credit to the history of skating.

1. Bowie and Freddie – Under Pressure

(Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirchart, The End, 1998)

Whether this section was quality or not, this tune is up there with the GOATs. The tune is emotive and provides an impact to a really well shot, and equally bizarre section; grinding a Blockbuster Video sign in suits and ultimately jumping into the drink as their enders. The rest of the video isn’t half bad either…

Note from Ade: Thrasher posted this clip as part of their “Classics” series, but turns out the version they have uses a totally different (definitely inferior) song. For the real deal, check the vid above.

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