The Triple 07.05.21

This week I’ve been in a bit of an inventive, silly mood. When you check these three clips, you’ll see why. This is The Triple for 7th May 2021.

3. Jori Raudasoja’s Madonna to BS Boneless

To kick things off this week, comes a surprise trick so well done that I was confused why I had never seen anyone do it before. Jori Raudasoja throws out this perfectly extended Madonna into a Backside Boneless on your average neighbourhood mini ramp with such style and textbook foot placement. It’s almost like a Russian Boneless combined with a backside air – it’s a mesmerising trick and if I were better at Backside Bonelesses I would definitely give it a try myself.

2. Alexis Lacroix’s Escalator Push Up to Boardslide

Well here’s a weird NBD at this famous spot. I can never remember where this exact spot is, but I see it all the time in skate videos. It’s a perfect street mini ramp outside a stadium, and I’ve seen all manner of sick tricks go down here. This thing is some next level shit though.

Alexis Lacroix uses a boardslide on this spot as an excuse to get his push up quota up. Frontside Boardsliding up the curve of the lip (as it overaches the path to form a tunnel, Lacroix gets horizontal, pushes the board up the lip, and then brings it down, and stands up into a Backside Boardslide. He makes it look so easy, but this thing is a classic “difficult daft trick”.

1. This Ben Koppl thing

I honestly don’t know where to start with describing this combo from Ben Koppl. I didn’t even realise there are two hippy jumps in this trick until now. It’s a classic example of Koppl’s brand of incredible skating, and if you aren’t a fan of the Roller Surfer you need to get on the hype train.

So… We have a hippy jump, to manual, to tail, drop into manual, to nosestall, a pop backwards, immediately into a hippy jump. I don’t know where he even comes up with this stuff. I could never look at this obstacle and think of doing this kind of wild stuff. Utterly crazy, mind boggling, and honestly there was nothing else that captured my attention and mesmerised me more than this trick this week.

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