Harry Tomecek’s Top 5 Questions For Ade

Harry Tomecek / Rock N Roll

I’m always interested when someone approaches me with a left field Top 5. Harry Tomecek was chatting to me one day and asked if anyone had done a Top 5 Questions. After some confusion on my part he clarified that he meant 5 questions asked of yours truly. At the risk of inflating my own ego, I thought it was an interesting idea, so here it is. – Ade

Ade the Terrible runs the Terribleco blog, and he is a selfless person who stokes more people than he realises. He helps inspire the skateboard community with his videos which are like no other. It’s not a Hollywood production. It’s simple, and good fun, and it involves everyone, and the levels of skating vary so it cements the feeling that everyone is involved. Everyone appreciates Ade! – Harry

1. What’s your favourite skate video and why / or your most inspiring skateboard video, and how did it change the way you thought about skateboarding?
Dan Drehobl / FS 5-0 / Photo by Bryce Kanights

My favourite video is Thrasher’s Shotgun, no doubt. P-Stone was the best, and the Drehobl section in it is so good. Most inspiring is an interesting question… Truth be told I’d say it might very well be Beez 2: Swarm, or Mall Grab. Both videos approach skateboarding with a more daft/creative attitude, they don’t take themselves seriously, and there’s a lot of stylistic overlap with how I make videos in both of them.  

2. What skateboard company do respect the most and why?
Amanda Perez / Hurricane for Blast Skates / Photo by Rich West

There’s a long list of companies I respect, and it’s mainly because they do their own thing with positivity and creativity in skateboarding, and aren’t derivative. Krooked, Blast, Stereo, Heroin, Toy Machine and Welcome are the big ones. I would also say Glue, There and Death rank highly. I got a lot of respect for skateboarders of practically any description really, haha. 

3. What is your sweeper to skate ratio? I.e. for every skate session how many sweepers do you reckon you do?
Ade / Sweeper / Photo by Tom Illsley

Oh, fuck me. Sweepers are one of my warm up tricks, so I do them practically every skate session. I went out and skated street last week and did one out of a 5050 on a ledge – so even when there isn’t a ramp around I still find a way to do them. To be honest it’s a toss-up between Sweepers and Tailblocks for my most performed trick at the minute.  

To get to the meat of the question… I would probably say Sweepers account for 20% of my tricks at a skatepark. On street it’s probably less than 5%. That is some extremely confident maths and I implore you to take it at face value and not investigate further. 

4. What is your favourite Sweeper variation to do and to watch, and who does them best 
This is a rare photo where both Pro Marky and Joe Fleming are in it, with me and Tom Sly. Marky and Fleming both do Sweepers good.

The favourite sweeper variation I’ve ever done is a Texas to Sweeper. When I get them right they’re really fun. 

To be honest, my favourite to watch is just a regular old Sweeper. Frontside or Backside, I don’t mind. My favourite ones I’ve seen are Joe Fleming (he does them so bloody fast and cracks the tail on the way in) and Pro Marky (his Backside ones are amazing). I honestly can’t think of any Pro Skaters I’ve seen do them past Duane Peters in an old Black Label video. I know there are plenty of Pro Skaters who have done them on film that I could choose from, but my favourite ones just come from people I know doing them really bloody good. 

5. What makes you so terrible? Where did the name come from, and what inspired you to make that into The Terrible Company?
Pictured: 2006 era Ade

This is a good question with an extremely boring answer. The name honestly just came from trying to select a Gamertag for Xbox Live, and in turn that filtered out into my username on the Sidewalk forum. The blog was called Consortium for the first couple of years, and then when I started posting on Sidewalk everyone knew me as Ade The Terrible, so I changed the blog’s name so it was obvious who was making the videos and stuff. I am not Terrible in the slightest, it’s just a dumb Internet name. 

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