The Triple 23.04.21

This week in The Triple there’s a bunch of sliding around on the ends of boards, and some radical transition destruction. Here’s your weekly dose of Insta goodness for April 23rd 2021.

3. Chris Cope’s Tailblockslide to Fakie

This looks like a Blunt that overshot the coping and ended up on the deck. It’s entirely intentional, but it’ll take you by surprise. Tailblockslides are an extremely bizarre beast at the best of times, so this weird hybrid between a Tailblockslide and a Blunt Fakie is a rare, puzzling thing to see.

Chris Cope flies out of the transition, Tailblock slides away from the coping, comes to a stop, and yanks it back into the transition. It’s impressive for two reasons: the distance he slides, and the distance he has to yank the board back to get back into the ramp.

2. Allysha Le’s Vert Ramp Session

I couldn’t pick a single trick out of this clip to highlight, so you’re getting all of them. The FS Slob Plant, the Stalefish Nosegrind, the Indy Nosegrind, the Frontside Air Disaster and the many backside and frontside air variations were all totally rad and got me super stoked.

The Stalefish Nosegrind is an Allysha Le signature move – I’ve not seen anyone else do them, and certainly not as good as she’s got them, so if I were forced to pick a single trick, it would be that. You can choose your own favourite from this clip and insert it as number 2.

1. Mike Anderson’s Noseslide-Noseblunt-Noseslide

What sort of witchcraft is this? If you checked out the new Krooked video “Magic Art Supplyes” this week, you would have seen this utterly bonkers ledge move from Mike Anderson. He closes the video with a banger part that made him this week’s internet hero.

Taking “ledge dancing” to the next level, he slides a Noseslide so powerfully that he’s able to pop it up onto the top into a NoseBluntSlide across, and then drop down onto another section of the ledge into another Noseslide. It’s a surprise NBD, and when it cropped up on Insta this week I was blown away.

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