April 2021 Video Roundup

Bastien Salabanzi / Backside Nosebluntslide / Photo by Mike Burnett

Saddle up partner! It’s time for The Terrible Company Video Roundup again, yeehaw! 

Kader Sylla’s “Cold Call” video

If you’re in the mood to hang out with one of Baker’s raddest team members, settle in for this clip on the Thrasher website. Featuring some straight up focused shredding at the Baker Boys TF with Slappy Grinds and stomped flip tricks down stairs, cruisy lines on a makeshift basketball court plaza, this raw footage clip got me super hyped to hit up some car park spots. Also, if anybody has any hot tips on getting this kid a personal trainer, he’s after that “Floyd Mayweather” shit. 

Gavin Kish: Process

This video is a fascinating insight into the thought process behind some of the biggest, gnarliest tricks. Gavin Kish travelled to the famous LA Car Wash spot from Texas specifically to half cab into the bank from the roof of the building, and this clip from The Berrics shows him methodically figuring out the trick, with some harsh slams. 

Filmed over a couple of days, it shows the sheer level of determination the highest level of modern skateboarding takes. Through a chance encounter, Kish also runs into Alex Midler – who famously stomped a backside 360 into the bank. Midler gives some much needed encouragement and advice which basically pushes Gavin to nail the trick. It’s a proper feel good clip and no matter how big a trick you’re going for it’ll get you stoked on simply trying new stuff. 

MASHER: Tony Hawk

Sometimes you just need some footage of Tony Hawk skating concrete bowls with his family and friends to get you hyped. A solid 3 and a half minutes of the Birdman shredding a massive bowl to surf rock, swimming with Manta Ray’s and being his usual charismatic self. Say what you want about him, but Tony Hawk is a legend for good reason, and this clip will get you hyped to try some down-right-circle 900’s.

Ace Trucks “Our Turn” Promo

Ace Trucks are another of those up and coming second tier Truck companies looking to make waves in the skateboard industry, capitalising on the huge amount of Pros out there, and taking a bite out of the industry leaders like Independent and Venture. Like every other truck company, they boast a huge team, and they’re all on show in this 8 minute long promo that dropped on the Thrasher site this month. There have been some jokes on social media about whether the team are actually skating Ace Trucks in this video, given that they have a slightly rocky reputation, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this tightly edited promo.

The list of people who crop up is too long to mention, but there are a few notable appearances that I was stoked on. Lacey Baker pops up to drop a textbook manny tech combo. Brian Anderson turns up wearing some GG Allin inspired attire, tackling a bank with a No Comply Tailslide shuv out, as well as a few other surprises. Raven Tershy and Ronnie Sandoval, both always a joy to watch shred, have some footage in their natural habitat (huge, concrete bowls). It’s short and sweet, and a good dose of radness to get hyped on before a skate. 

Krooked’s “Magic Art Supplys” Video

Did my favourite board company dropping a hot new 15 minute video in the middle of April? You bet your ass they did. As with anything Krooked related, I urge you to watch this as soon as possible. Featuring 3 full parts from Eddie Cernicky, Caleb McNeely and Mike Anderson, the video has so much sick standard Krooked style (including Gonz dicking around on benches and cruising around bowls). Get it straight, ride Krooked!

Bastien Salabanzi’s “Not so sorry” part

Maybe I’ve been out of the loop for a while but it seemed like Basten Salabanzi fell off the face of the earth after being Flip’s wonder kid way back in the Sorry era. A born natural on a skateboard, he put out some utterly insane parts back in the mid-2000s, dampered by his somewhat fiery personality at skate comps. After becoming hugely successful as one of Flip’s ace cards, he’s not really been in the spotlight much in recent times.

So, I was completely surprised to see a new full part from him pop up on the Thrasher YouTube at the end of March. The cleverly titled “Not So Sorry” (a continuation of Flip’s Sorry, Really Sorry and Extremely Sorry naming convention) is a tight 2 and a half minutes of raw, technical street footage that proves Salabanzi is still very fucking good on a skateboard. 

When someone drops a BS Double Flip out of a street kicker not even 30 seconds into their part, you know they’re not here to play around. There’s a ton of stylish flip in flip out craziness here, but Salabanzi’s more chilled out and purposeful tricks are textbook and worthy of attention: a Nollie flip nose manual to drop on a big blue block done proper, and a cheeky Half Cab Noseslide to Tailslide over a bike locked bench are perfect examples that sometimes less is more. 

The last trick is a beautiful Full Cab Flip Front Board, and if you’re of a certain age this whole part will remind you of the early 2000’s, watching skate videos presented by Johnny Rotten before he was a Pro-Tory dickhead. It was a simpler time…

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