Pop Quiz Hotshot: Town Rat Josh

Photo by Millie Juno

The Town Rat has entered the quiz chair. It’s time to put him to the test for 5 brain tickling teasers.

Yo Josh, you wanna do a Pop Quiz?

Oh man! I mean, yeah, sure? Dunno how well it’s gonna go though.

Cool – No Googling!

I would never displace your trust, Ade.

Question 1

Name the skatepark founded by Steve Berra and Eric Koston.

The Berrics.

Zing!!!! Correct

Question 2

Fakie 180’s and 360’s are most commonly known by another name – which pro skater are they named after?

Steve Cabelerro? Is that how you spell it?

Close enough. Two for Two!

You’re doing alright here… Time to turn up the heat.

Oh dear.

Question 3

Which two skateboarders featured in the Lovenskate video “Tea and Biscuits”?

Damn it, I watched this in awe and I can’t remember their names!

You gonna have a guess at least?

Nah. I have no clue. I know it was filmed at the Flo park in Nottingham though, haha.

The answer was Alex Hallford and Jordan Thackeray

Question 4

What country is Dustin Dollin from?

I thought he was American, but I feel like that’s completely wrong?

That's because it is wrong - he's Australian!

Damn! Fair.

Last Question…

*At this point I asked a completely ridiculous question about an obscure video game that came out before Josh was even born*

You know what… I don’t even know if you were alive when this game came out.

I most likely wasn’t.

I might sack that one off. It’s too hard.

Haha, OK dude!

OK, real Question 5 coming up…

Question 5

London’s Bay Sixty Six skatepark was originally named after a video games console, which console?

Hmm, maybe the N64?

Oh, too bad: right console generation, but wrong console. It was Playstation!

Damn, I thought the numbers would correlate, haha!

Thanks for playing POP QUIZ HOTSHOT. Josh’s final score was:

2 out of 5

Josh gave it a good go, but couldn’t displace Formy from the top of the leaderboard!

2Town Rat Josh2
2 Alfie Morrey 2

Thanks for playing! Tune in next time for more skateboarding trivia. 

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