The Triple 16.04.21

Fire Hydrants and some long ass grinds. It can only be The Triple for 16th April 2021.

3. Madars Apse’s Nosebonk Nollie Heel

If you are unfamiliar with the pure wizardry of Madars Apse, the easiest way to explain him would be to call him the new Louie Barletta. What I mean by that is he’s an extremely technical, but incredibly inventive street skater with a fun sense of humour.

This clip is a perfect example. Fire Hydrants are a bit of a weird obstacle, especially if you plan on hitting the top of them – they always freak me out because there’s so much room for error.

Apse locks into a nose stall on the Hydrant, and then instantly pops it forward clearing the thing with a Nollie Heel. It’s such a quick footed, crazy move, and I watched this thing so many time.

2. Kevin Baekkel’s Nosegrind

Kevin Baekkel is a Norse destroyer of all terrain. He tackles 20 stair handrails in his sleep and eats gigantic transitions for breakfast. If you don’t know this dude, get to know him, because he is insane.

I feel like maybe this clip is somewhat tame compared to his usual incredible tricks, but even by “just an Insta clip” standards it’s better than most people’s normal tricks. I certainly rewatched this thing many times this week due to how rad it was.

Nosegrinds on transition are tricky, doubly so when they are round corners. Baekkel pops up over a hip into the coping, and balances a good 20 ft round a mellow corner, before bouncing into the quarter off another hip. It’s the smoothest, fastest, most perfect Nosegrind I’ve ever seen on transition.

1. Broaden Hoban’s Roundabout 5050

I don’t even know where to start with this trick by Braden Hoban. If you haven’t seen this trick yet, you must be living under a rock. Practically every skateboarding account on Instagram has shared this one, and with good reason.

This obstacle is a real oddity that Braden has hit up before (in a similarly viral clip from last year). Originally he did a single loop around it with a 5050. Turns out he went back and got a double loop around it for the new Toy Machine video.

There’s not much more I can say about this other than to just watch the video in amazement. It undersells it to just call it a 5050, but the grind isn’t what makes this impressive: it’s the pure, weird, mesmerising and skillful execution of it that makes it so satisfying.

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