The Triple 19.02.21

Did you order 3 rad Instagram clips? What? No? Well you might as well have them because they’ll go off otherwise. Here’s The Triple for 19th February 2021.

3. Tom Botwid’s Push Nosegrind Shuv

Something a little obscure and weird to start off this week’s Triple, with this one footed oddity from Poetic Collective’s Tom Botwid. I love a good no comply, but I think the common push is massively underutilised in tricks – and this trick is proof that it can look incredible and not like a mistake (for other examples, see Louise Barletta’s ollie push up a curb in Bag Of Suck).

It’s a proper loop friendly clip this – Botwid kinda Slappies the board up into nosestall, instantly pops it up onto the ledge into a Nosegrind, and plants his back foot on the ledge for a push. He slides along the ledge with ease and then caps the whole thing off beautifully with a cheeky Shuv-it out at the end. It’s got me wanting to experiment with some push moves myself!

2. Zeta Rush’s Front Board Bigspin

In my entire time of seeing skaters come out of Milton Keynes, I had a very specific idea of how they skated and what tricks they did. Very tech, all ledge dancing, no feet on the ground, and generally not much transition tricks – it was something my wife Emily bemoaned when she was a teenager, she wanted to skate bowls and do no comply tricks everywhere and no one she knew in MK was into that stuff.

Turns out she probably would get on like a house on fire with Zeta Rush, who, truth be told, is one of my favourite skaters to come out of MK. Carrying your standard Milton Keynes tech, but also capable on transition and a no comply afficianado – Rush comes from the school of skaters as Chris Pulman and Ray Barbee.

In this clip, she tackles the Buszy with some quirky ledge favourites (always enjoy a half cab noseslide to fakie), but the trick that made the Triple in this clip was the Front Board Bigspin in the first run. It’s done with lightning quick speed and the bigspin is so fast that if you blink you will literally miss it. It’s a textbook version of this trick.

1. Tanner Van Vark’s Alley Oop FS 360 Wallride

I honestly spent so long repeatedly watching this clip from Tanner Van Vark this week. It’s a good thing I’m not working at the minute or else it would have seriously affected my ability to get anything done. When I came to name the trick in the heading above I had to dissect each part of it to figure out what was happening, as well. Equally mystifying as well as rad.

There’s a quarter to wall setup in this clip, with the quarter set about a foot from the wall. Van Vark comes in hot, wound up to spin as he hits the quarter, he flies alley pop (so spinning away from the direction he is travelling) and wraps a Frontside 360, coming to the end of the spin just as all 4 wheels touch the wall, landing in a wallride. He rides back into the bank in fakie, and the whole thing is done as one buttery smooth motion.

There’s some debate over whether this is an alley oop ollie revert into a wallride or a Front 360. I would class this as a 360, because he has basically completed the spin by the time the wheels have actually connected, but the whole thing is a wild illusion. Either way, it’s a super unique wallride variant I haven’t seen before, and it’s incredibly sick.

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