The Triple 12.02.12

12.02.12. All of these numbers are less than 3. How can you not all see that 3 is the key to everything? 3 is the key to the Illuminati being real. 3 is the meaning of life. 3 RULES ALL.

Sorry, I’m just going mad trying to thinking of ways to tie the intro of this feature into the number 3. Here’s The Triple for February 12th, 2021.

3. Moa Zander’s Corner Smith Grind

Everybody loves a good battle. I’m not talking about re-enactments of historical conflicts, I’m talking repeatedly trying to get a gnarly trick for what can seem like hours. I like to see this stuff in videos because it’s super relatable, and if you start to understand how hard someone grafted for a trick, it makes the land a bit better. When you see someone trying a trick over and over again, and getting really close, you just want them to land it so much – when they finally get the land you feel super stoked and it gets you hyped to skate.

I mention this, because Moa Zander had a right hassle getting this Frontside Smith Grind around this bowl corner in this clip. Smith Grinds are difficult enough to force along on a standard transition, let alone a bowl corner. The corner on this bowl has a tightness and whip to it that also makes balancing a Smith Grind a tricky prospect. After a bunch of slams and bails, Moa pushes this thing round the corner at full force, and hangs on for dear life as she rolls out. It’s a beauty of a Smith Grind, on concrete coping, and grafted for.

2. Aaron Yant’s BS 360 Manual BS 180

A bit of cheap street spot modification in this trick, as Aaron Yant plays with a tiny kicker ramp to give him the boost he needs on this chonky manny pad. With some extra boost, he gets to work on some whirlwind schenanigans and cheeky balancing with a Backside 360 to Manual, with a Backside 180 out for good measure.

The Backside 360 is Gonz-like, with a rapid pivot at the end of the spin. The pivot is caught with some nice balance and Yant instantly finds momentum to balance a manual out of it. The Back 3 to manual would be good enough (Back 3 manuals are a rare beast), but Aaron finishes things off with a bit of extra flair and snaps a Back 180 onto the end of the manual. Technical wizardry + Daft Kicker Ramp + All of the spins = Awesome.

1. Kader Sylla’s 360 Flip

What a bloody beautiful, textbook 360 flip. Someone call Martin Orton and tell him to update his list? Kader Sylla is one of those kids who could rip even when he was waist high. As he’s gotten older, he’s quickly been growing into an MVP for Baker, proven by his footage in Baker4. He’s continued to shred, putting out banging clips since the last Baker video dropped in 2019.

And of those latest clips, this 360 flip that popped up on my Insta feed this week is pure poetry. If you looked up the definition of what a 360 flip should be, this is it. It’s popped high, spins perfectly, and caught with plenty of time and room left to spare. The time between the catch and the land at the bottom of this big old stair set is enough time to boil a cup of tea. There’s no sagging on the flip: it’s all pop, all the time, and there’s no lazy leg funny business going on. I don’t think it’s presumptuous to say our resident Tre expert Martin Orton will probably agree with it’s placement as King Of The Hill for this week’s Triple.

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