Duffman’s Top 5 Skatespots

Photo by Tom Woodhead

Connor “Duffman” Hills really epitomises skateboarding in Coventry for me. I use words like raw, gnarly and exciting a lot to describe some of the Cov’s skaters I’ve featured on this blog, but those words describe Connor’s skateboarding so well. He grabs every ounce of speed he can from every push, pump or set up, and when he boosts tricks he pushes them as high as they will go. I am convinced there isn’t a spot or park he can’t skate, so with that in mind, he has collated a list of his Top 5 personal favourite skate spots and parks. – Ade

5. Walsgrave Fountain, Coventry

Joe Hinson / Front Blunt / Photo by Ryan Bradley

Outside the Coventry Uni Hospital there lies a blue crusty fountain, which believe it or not has one of the best transitions ever. I have had many a gnarly skate there over the years.

4. The Buszy, Milton Keynes

Justin Eldridge / BS Bluntslide / Photo by Leo Sharp

Amazing marble flooring with grey and dull buildings, with that overcast England vibe – this town has some of the best street spots and skaters in the UK.

3. Bournebrook DIY, Birmingham

Tom Gillespie / BS Sugarcane / Photo by Rob Whiston

What started off as a flat, overgrown patch of concrete in Selly Oak, has become a creative space for skaters of all abilities. With beautiful concrete transitions, a bowl corner, and a silky smooth bank, all handcrafted by James Hem, and with the help of the Birmingham community. This spot has recently been approved by Birmingham City Council, and now features amazing street art, a nice garden, and a really friendly bunch of local skateboarders. With Brum being my second home, this has really given us something to be proud of.

2. Portland Skatepark, Dorset

If you’re dazed and confused, and think I mean Burnside in Portland, Oregon, you are sadly mistaken. I actually mean the Isle of Portland, south of Weymouth in England. However, by the road that leads you into Portland, there is a skatepark where you can see a pebble beach, on one side and the ocean on the other. Me and my friend Micheal Hollis came across this park on a skate trip to Weymouth, and we were amazed by how tight and well planned the park is. It’s got a beautiful little half bowl, no bigger than five feet with a sick ledge and two down rails. At the far back there’s a two foot quarterpipe which travels all along the back of the skatepark. Super fun. Super tight. Super whippy.

1. Holbrooks Bowl, Coventry

Duffman & Lucas Healey / FS Air and Fakie Ollie / ~2012

We made it. My favourite spot on the planet. Well, in the west midlands at least, which is my planet pretty much! Holbrooks Bowl: If you’re from Coventry, or around the area of Coventry, then you should know of this beautiful park that no one rides. So what words can I use to describe Holbrooks bowl? Other than blown up cars, chavvy kids, and terrible graffiti, it’s a true, quintessentially British skatepark. Everything you need to become a transition rat, and the best concrete bowl hip in existence. It throws you out and blows you away, and fills you with excitement. I have had some of my best and fondest memories here – Leaving Ride, and rolling down the road to this park. This is where I learned most of my tricks to date.

Honorable mention: Brickies in Coventry (RIP)

Brick banks, pebble floor infused with scabs and chunks of skin, but always a lovely skate.

So there you have it. My top five skate spots. Feel free to try out or completely disregard any of these recommendations. Thanks again for asking me to do this, Terribleco! Safe!

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