Frocker’s Top 5 Video Parts

“I’ve mentioned this before, but Mark ‘Frocker’ Hewitt was running a blog documenting Coventry Skateboarding before I had even set foot on a skateboard. His knowledge of not only the scene around Coventry, but skateboarding all up, is always bound to provide some great conversations about this wooden toy we all obsess over. When I asked Mark to put together a Top 5, I didn’t really have a topic in mind, as I knew Mark could give me a great list for practically any subject. However, because I’m a filmer, I was super stoked that he had put together a list for his Top 5 Video parts.” – Ade

5. Scarecrow ‘Disturb Not The Sleep Of Death’ – Ronnie Marshall

Ronnie Marshall didn’t get much magazine coverage and only had a few video appearances, but this section on Scarecrow’s classic ‘Disturb Not The Sleep Of Death’ is enough to cement his skating into my soft grey matter. Powering through transitions to the sound of Duane Peters, Ronnie oozes style, effortlessly floating airs and pointing the hell out of any smith he locks into. Plus there’s a few skeletons thrown in for good measure. Don’t forget to watch the whole video though, as it’s a blast with one of the best soundtracks ever.

4. 151 ‘Too Loud For The Crowd’ – Eric Dressen

The first board I ever bought was a 151 deck and I’ve been a little obsessed with their output ever since. The whole video is a 90s gem, complete with sun-bleached VHS sections from some of skateboarding heaviest gnarler alumni. Dressen skates with pint-sized punchbag power, mostly with his hood up on crusty street spots. When I met him a few years back, he said he couldn’t remember much of this period as he was struggling with various addictions. To produce a section like this under the influence is a massive achievement. Particular highlights are the super fast ledge attacks and a banger of a wall ride ender. Proper power.

3. Consolidated ‘No Tomorrow’ – Scott Bourne

In an era of bloated super-tours, Consolidated’s ‘No Tomorrow’ road trip video was a breath of fresh air. Jumping trains, bumming lifts and destroying a few spots in the process, the 90s Consolidated crew were the shit. Scott Bourne crushes it on this video, with a section assault varying degrees of ramshackle transition and crusty street spots. Old black-arms is the re-psychoload. 

2. Consolidated ‘It Is What It Is’ – Howard Cooke

You can probably tell I have a soft spot for Consolidated’s 90s output. ‘It Is What It Is’ was one of the first videos I saw and H’s section stood out with a wallaby prodding opener. H is one of the most exciting skaters to watch and viewing this zero-hesitation section has fired me up for so many sessions. From American parks to the harshest of Liverpool rails, H pelts full-bore regardless of whether he makes the trick or not. Proper white-knuckle viewing. His lip slide on the rail at the end is one of the most aggressive charges into a rail I’ve ever seen. 

1. Unabomber – ‘Unapromo’ – Harry Bastard 

Unapromo is an incredible video and doesn’t get the love it deserves. Harry Bastard doesn’t think skating anything smaller than waist height rails is worth the effort and his section is nuts. Nottingham Market Square shut-downs, powerful London lines and a naval-level kinked block ender wearing an Este jumper. So good.

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