Lockdown Game Of SKATE: Update 1


We’re one week in on the Lockdown Game Of SKATE, and above you can see the current standings. Here’s a breakdown of how the past week has played out.

The Rules

It’s probably worth saying this thing was going to play out very differently to your average game of SKATE. We’re not playing Berrics rules!

  • No Complies, Bonelesses and Pressure Flips are all allowed.
  • Tricks must be landed on film and sent within 24 hrs after being set.
  • Because of the nature of lockdown and everyone filming stuff, there is no way to ensure the trick is landed first try. For this reason, you can have as many goes at the tricks set as you want. As long as I see a clip of a land, you get a pass.

Week 1 Breakdown

  1. The game started with Quinn (q_la_skate) taking full advantage of the “bonelesses allowed” rule to set a Beanplant Impossible. This took some people by surprise but everyone jumped in on it!
  2. Next was Moose (bigmoose420) with a Kickflip. With Quinn’s set and the kickflip after, this set a precedent early on that the game was maybe going to be pretty relaxed. A few people picked up letters on the kickflip, but most got it.
  3. Pro Marky (pro_marky) got creative with no complies and set a Nollie Comply. This one got people letters as they straight up didn’t even know where to start, and just forfeited. Shoutouts to RB and Lucas who legit popped this thing, getting it as close to Pro Marky’s version as they could.
  4. Lucas Healey (lucashealey) surprised everyone by not doing a technical flip trick, and setting a Russian Boneless. Similar to the Nollie Comply, this one got people letters through forfeiting. Shoutout to Ellian who, like Lucas, landed this rolling on not so perfect ground.
  5. If there was any indication that this game would stay gentlemanly, Freddy (_megafred) threw that out of the window when he set a Switch Kickflip. He well and truly laid the gauntlet down for this one, and a fair few people picked up letters, although shoutouts to Quinn and Charlie Kerr who gave it a good go at learning this trick from scratch – even sending through their progress and attempts.
  6. The final trick covered here is a FS Bigspin from Charlie Kerr (mrmojorisin23). After the switch flip, it was clear the gloves were off. Kerr knocked some people out of the comp (although they had gone quiet long before), and others picked up letters or straight up forfeited. Those who did land it only just saved themselves a letter, hanging on with sketchy landings, but a land is a land and I am a lenient judge!

Next up is Ryan Stanway (rjes), who has set a Fakie Flip. Given that we’ve already had a kickflip set (and some people did this stationary), the fakie flip must be rolling, which I’m sure will catch some people out. The deadline for this trick is tonight, so rather than include that here, I’ll cover it in the next update. To see the sets as they come in, keep it locked to my stories on the insta.

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