Update on Covtown Clash

Covtown Clash has kind’ve ground to a halt… I’ve been kind’ve lazy with it, not to mention it’s been hard to get some people out. Still waiting on Zac Parkinson to sort out the footage of Tony Lui and Ethan Bryan’s game, and other people aren’t out often, or I never see them. It’s because... Continue Reading →

After a long hiatus… here’s the latest Covtown Clash match (Moose VS Deelz).

Sunday skateboarding was rained out - Lucas and Harry used this as an excuse to do some intensive training at the magistrates carpark.

Here’s the first Covtown Clash match - Rosko VS Lucas Healey

McGhie, Lucas and Ryan took some time to do some hardcore training for the Covtown Clash.

So here it is…. the match-ups for Covtown Clash 2012. Some interesting matches in there, should be entertaining!


So if you’ve followed the blog for a while¬†(and it’s previous iterations when I had more time to maintain a full website), then you may have heard of something called the Terribleco Killfest. This was basically Terribleco cashing in (although we got zero cash for it?) on the popularity of Battle at the Berrics. We... Continue Reading →

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