Update on Covtown Clash

Covtown Clash has kind’ve ground to a halt… I’ve been kind’ve lazy with it, not to mention it’s been hard to get some people out. Still waiting on Zac Parkinson to sort out the footage of Tony Lui and Ethan Bryan’s game, and other people aren’t out often, or I never see them. It’s because of this that I’m announcing the “three strikes” rule. We have a bag of reserves who are all keen to kick some serious ass, so if either of the originally picked people for a match fail to turn up for a match when they are called out THREE TIMES, the reserve takes their place. This gives everyone left to play a fair chance to reschedule or no-show. For those who are wondering, the people who are still left to play in HEAT ONE are;

Steve Johnson & Luke Phillips

Harry Myers & Russell Bristow

Martyn Phillips & Tez Aldersley

Reserves are: Stan Byrne, Seb Croft, Redgar, Omar Daley, Mikey Crosdale, Kristian Edwards and Joe Morris

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