So if you’ve followed the blog for a while (and it’s previous iterations when I had more time to maintain a full website), then you may have heard of something called the Terribleco Killfest. This was basically Terribleco cashing in (although we got zero cash for it?) on the popularity of Battle at the Berrics. We had a 16 man SKATE championship that we ran here on the website, filming videos of the games and uploading them for your viewing pleasure.

After the 2nd Killfest came to an end I decided to discontinue it. At the time everyone was running some kind of SKATE championship, and I felt that plenty of other chaps were doing it better than me, so the niche for watching games of SKATE had been suitably filled.

However, it’s now 2012. There’s a whole generation of flip-tricking wizards on the come up who love a good game of SKATE, so why not offer these guys a chance to win some prizes and goods for their technical skills? The killfest is no more – Welcome to THE COVENTRY CLASH. We’ll be running a tournament for 16 participants, following the same format & rules as The Battle at the Berrics. We used to allow no complies (within reason), however this lead to an entirely ridiculous strain of tricks being performed where people felt like they got a raw deal.

Ideally I’d like to get this running as soon as possible, so if you want to compete, make sure you post on the Terribleco facebook page and state that you want to enter the Coventry Clash. The first 16 people to respond will go in for the comp (any extras will be reserves in case of injury, forfeit, etc).


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