Stan Byrne Interview

2023 is (perhaps egotistically) themed all about the history of this blog, as we celebrate 20 years of documenting skateboarding from around the Coventry and Warwickshire area. Over the years I’ve filmed a lot of people and made a lot of friends – and some of those people have made an undeniable impact on UK skateboarding. We can’t celebrate 20 years of The Terrible Company without acknowledging the impact of these individuals.

Stan Byrne first cropped up in a Terribleco video about 10 years ago, in 2013’s Concrete Jungle. Even then, he was obviously very good and very daft. From day 1, he was a perfect fit for the sort of videos I make for the blog, and he has only gone from strength to strength: moving down to Bristol where he is now sponsored by Gratitude skateshop, and more recently, inducted into the newly reformed Heathen team. 

In all honesty, it was obvious from the day I met him that Stan would go far in skateboarding. He doesn’t take things seriously, he is always up for a skate, he is incredibly creative with his trick selection, and his style is dialled up to 11. Personality wise I always felt me and him were cut from the same cloth, so I’ve never really found myself clashing with him at all. Overall, Stan is one of the most lovely and rad human beings you could hope to meet.

I have already interviewed Stan a few times for the blog, because honestly he is my favourite person to interview. However, for this interview I wanted to turn attention to what he remembers about the various Terribleco videos he helped create (and Warhammer).

Header Photo / Stan Byrne gets a Pro Marky assisted FS Air at Daveside / Photo by Ben from Dogpiss Mag

How did I know you were somehow going to end up on Heathen? 

I honestly have no idea how to answer that question!

I think it’s because I’m psychic. And obviously you are rad. Were you always a fan of Heathen back when we were skating with the likes of Daryl Nobbs and Josh Walters? 

I was a huge Heathen fan boy. I used to have the Easter Island head sticker on my griptape, and had one on my school planner, the whole deal.

I remember you used to rock the Easter Island head tee as well – it was always part of the classic Stan wardrobe. Who were some of your favourite people from the OG Heathen team? 

Daryl Nobbs, of course: being from Cov and all. To be honest, I didn’t know any names of the riders when I was a young ‘un, but the videos like “The Holy Mountain Tour” were the perfect vibe for me. The whole team from back in the day were 11/10 shredders. And then there’s Ben Devine, obviously.

RIP Ben!

Ben Devine, I miss you.

Photo / Stan gets vertical at last year's Black Mass event / Photo by Heathen head honcho Mike Wright

Speaking of Daryl Nobbs – Did Terribleco parts from people like him inspire your own skating back then?

Every Terribleco video inspired me!

How did you first find out about The Terrible Company?

I saw a BATFACE sticker on someone’s board.

Do you have a favourite Terribleco video? It’s OK if you don’t, I won’t be offended. 

I refuse to choose. It’s like Sophie’s Choice.

The problem is I’ve made too many!

Either Batface of Chthuhlhu. How do you spell it? Help.

Cthulhu! The difficult to spell name was part of the charm. What do you remember about filming your first part for a Terribleco video (Concrete Jungle)? 

Very little to be honest. I remember skating some janky wooden spine thing somewhere? I’d have to re-watch it.

Clip / "Spine" is a lose description for whatever this obstacle was, but Stan managed to get himself over it

Oh yeah, that spine was in an underpass in Nuneaton? You did like a rock rag out over it or something? I remember Duffman was absolutely mind blown by that trick.

Yeah, that’s the one. It had no right to work.

You were filming your own stuff back then (Stan Cam). How did that come about? 

I watched far too many videos and wanted to make my own. I grabbed this little Lumix point & shoot camera that was in my house, and started pointing it at my friends.

I remember I met Zac Parkinson through you – have you seen his part in Ghostface yet?

Nah, not yet! But, finally – a Zac Parkinson part. Well deserved!

Why do you think we film people skating and shit? I’ve thought long and hard about it and I’m not entirely sure why I do it.

Why do dancer’s dance? Why do painter’s paint?

Gif / An honourable mention for my favourite Boys Club Banks trick, here's some vintage Stan filmed way before his first actual Terribleco part

You got a point. Art ennit. Speaking of painting… How did you get into painting Warhammer miniatures?

I had some Warhammer when I was about 10 or 11, and i really liked it cause anything to do with detail is my thing, but then I sold whatever I had to buy more skateboards. During lockdown, I saw one of those magazines that was like a “build your army piece by piece” kinda deal. Bought that and then got way more into it, and this it kinda spiralled.

Do you reckon you could convince Heathen to do a Warhammer collab graphic?

I’m sure Heathen would be down, but good luck trying to get Games Workshop to collab on anything!

Yeah, I always guessed Games Workshop would be hard to convince. Andy Horsley who runs the Groans brigade skate page works there though… So he might get it done, haha.

He actually managed to get me into White Dwarf magazine, so big ups Andy! Couldn’t have done it without him. And shoutout to Habgood, too!

I have noticed there is a bit of an overlap between Warhammer and skateboarders – what is it about Warhammer that appeals to skateboarders specifically?

Not sure, there must be something about it? Maybe the creativity and openness you have in both activities? I know Mia from the Heathen team also paints death guards and orcs.

So, Terribleco has somehow survived 20 years. Super stoked to have been able to do stuff with you as part of it. Do you think Terribleco will be here in another 20 years?

If you drop the torch then someone else will pick it up. Terribleco will rule the world.

Photo / The GOAT / Photo from Dogpiss Mag

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