April 2023 Video Roundup

Hey, I missed March but I’m doing pretty good at keeping these Video Roundups going this year! April may be the month of April Fools, but none of the skaters in these videos are joking around.

I’ll get my coat.

Header Image / Ragdoll bonelesses into a brick beauty in his new full part / Photo by Casey Haley

‘Assets’ by Quentin Guthrie

“Assets” features a ton of mostly London-centric UK based shredding, and the skateboarding throughout the 7 minute runtime is super rad, but honestly, and I’m not joking, the main attraction here is the filming. So many of the tricks in this video are beautifully filmed, with video man Quentin Guthrie putting his own unique stamp on filming techniques and angles. The sort of “cross travel” technique he uses, travelling on his board at 90 degrees to the direction of the skater for a single trick, creates some super awesome moments throughout the edit. Coupled with some super chilled out, ethereal music selections, and you got a certified banger.

Oska Sullivan (& Friends) – To Be Quite Blunt

How does almost 7 minutes of pure mini ramp destruction sound? This part from The Skateboarder’s Companion, featuring Oska Sullivan doing some incredibly technical and Daewon Song/Chris Haslam style mini ramp shredding is sure to give you some form of inspiration for the next time you hit your local mid-sized quarter pipe.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Mastered The Re-Master

Regular blog readers will know I absolutely love video games, and especially I got some fond memories for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise. The first two games in the franchise are the reason I started skateboarding. And if you remember back to 2020, we got an incredible remake of those first two games. Nerdstalgic Gaming have done a really cool deep dive into why that game was so good, the history of the franchise, why the excellent remake was such an awesome surprise, and why we are sadly never going to another Tony Hawk game again. It’s not videos of people doing rad tricks in real life like everything else in this blog post, but it’s an interesting peek into an entertainment franchise that left a huge impact on the world.

Cold Call – David Gonzalez

If you are of a certain age, you will remember when David Gonzalez was literally everywhere. He was Skater Of The Year in 2012, and has long been held up as one of the most influential and heavy hitting guys to come from Flip Skateboards. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but in recent years he kinda fell of the radar.

Turns out that was (mostly) due to COVID stranding him in his home country of Colombia. Thrasher caught up with him for a Cold Call, and this video has Gonzalez shredding Colombian streets and parks with tricks that honestly would fit in perfect in one of Flip’s epic “Sorry” videos. It speaks to how utterly rad he is that even on a normal chilled out session with close buddies, he is doing absolutely amazing tricks. Hanging out with David watching him rip is a totally rad way to spend 8 minutes.

Charlie Munro – Scrape

Frequent Get Lesta homie and UK shredder Charlie Munro has a new part out from Paul Rodriguez’s brand “Primitive”. Filmed by Quentin Guthrie (who we have already established up above with “Assets” as one of the most exciting filmers to crop up on the scene recently), there’s yet more beautifully filmed and edited clips here. Munro takes long grinds and slides across all manner of terrain across the globe, tackling some hairy looking gaps (clearing a water gap with a beefy front shuv and gapping grinds and slides over gnarly gaps), and all the while skating to a chilled out hip hop banger, followed by some epic orchestral music, that somehow perfectly fits P-Rod’s company.

Dougie George – ‘Villagers’ Raw

Here’s Dougie George skating a selection of the crustiest, nastiest, cobbled-iest street spots in the UK from his ‘Villagers’ part. This stuff is all raw clips, with a bit of bants, a bit of sketchy non-make wild tricks, and plenty of absolutely banging lands from the sickest tricks from the main video.

Alfie Mills – Welcome To Clown Skateboards

If you like big wheels, crusty street spots and tricky gaps, you’re gonna love Alfie Mills new web part. Live from The Skateboarder’s Companion YouTube, this part announces Mills’ addition to the Clown Skateboards team, featuring a ton of shredding from around the Bournemouth area. This part is worth a watch for the rad bowl footage at the start, but after this initial skatepark intro the footage only gets better and better for the remainder of the clip.

Ragdoll – Walk On Water

I’m not gonna lie. This part is the reason I wanted to do a Video Roundup this month.

After dropping his comeback part “Crawl” a couple of years ago, Anthony “Ragdoll” Scalamere is back once again with a new part. In recent years the former Black Label pro has made a rad return to skateboarding, and “Crawl” was a re-introduction to Ragdoll’s super inventive and raw street skating style – but if you compared that part to the footage of Scalamere in his pro days, you could tell his approach was more cautious and a little bit more skewed towards innovating without putting his body on the line in the ways he did when he was 21.

“Walk On Water”, the sequel to “Crawl”, is more like classic, old school Ragdoll. This is almost a straight continuation of the Ragdoll we saw in Pig Wood’s Slaughterhouse. Mach 10 lines, tons of firecrackers, combining tricks and obstacles in ways you could never imagine, drop in’s off of huge shit, and tricks down legit hubbas. This is Ragdoll with the training wheels off, fully confident, handling business & killing it. There are some scary slams for sure – a head injury near the end of the part will have you wincing – but Rags grafts for his skateboarding here and continues to make Firecrackers the coolest fucking trick. Get on the Ragdoll hype train, you won’t be disappointed.

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