The Terrible Company is 20! To celebrate, 2023 is ALL ABOUT TERRIBLECO here on the blog. For today’s blog entry, let’s cast our minds back to 2008. Where were you 15 years ago? I can tell you where I was: working on the 6th Terrible Company video, Storybook.

For the first time, ever, you can now watch this piece of Coventry skateboarding history ONLINE. But, don’t take my word for it – check out this lovely accompanying review of the video that featured in the legendary Sidewalk Magazine.


What is it?

A very traditional DIY scene video from Coventry that doesn’t care too much for following strict quality control guidelines in terms of filming or editing, and is basically made by a group of friends for a laugh.

Who’s on it?

Lots of Coventry locals and forum heads, chances are most of which you won’t have heard of. The two most recognisable names on this DVD are Daryl “Cov Sid” Nobbs, Steve “Joxa” Delves, oh, and Andy Scott, but “the Coventry one” as it clears up on the cover.


As I said somewhere up there, this a DIY, all inclusive scene video, and, as such features lots of realistic skating from a whole manner of age ranges, and includes plenty of footage from both outdoor and indoor parks that are local to the Coventry area, carparks and everything else that is genuinely “fun” about skateboarding.

There are plenty of full sections here from what can’t be far off everyone in the Coventry scene, though the two stand out sections have to go to Cumbrian stowaway Joxa and “Cov Sid”.

Devo enthusiast and full time internet lunatic Steve “Joxa” Delves takes his ‘do or die’ style of skating to many treacherous looking spots, encountering some rough slams along the way. Joxa grafts for his skateboarding, is not afraid to damage his large body and skates the worst spots you have ever seen. Though his lack of regard for personal wellbeing makes it quite frightening to watch at times, Joxa’s section is a definite highlight.

Heathen Skateboards representative and Stella Artois fanatic Daryl Nobbs follows on from fellow forumer Joxa, skating more rugged banks and punishing coping of the bowl at The Boardroom in Leicester.

Daryl is one of the most exciting-to-watch transition skaters in the country at the moment; keep an eye out for him drunkenly destroying your local park soon.


An enjoyable scene production from a town that is home to some pretty raw talent: Daryl Nobbs and Joxa’s sections make this DVD worth every penny, and the rest of the Storybook crew assist in making it a real pleasure to watch.

Coventry peeps, support your scene. Get down to Ride and pick up a copy now!

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