January 2023 Video Roundup

New Years Resolution: try and post these video roundups more consistently.

Header photo: Una Farrar leaps over a brutalist barrier in Krooked’s new video “Don’t Stop”. P: Ryan Lebel

“The Butterfly” by Violet

This short video from new company Violet features a full part from street cruising punk rock shredder Efron Danzig. The Bill Stroebeck filmed edit showcases Danzig bashing out technically complex lines on East Coast terrain performed with incredible dexterity, and all manner of eyebrow raising flip tricks into and out of grinds. Efron is quickly becoming one of the most exciting street skaters at the minute, so her full part is well worth a viewing, and the appearances from the rest of the Violet team make this video an awesome watch.

“Moustache Ride” by Dad Skateboards

Canada’s Dad Skateboards put out the comically named “Moustache Ride” on New Year’s Day, and as as someone who grew up on the Anti-Hero videos, this thing scratched all of my itches (Sorry I suffer from eczma on my hands and it’s itchy as hell, I can’t help but accidentally reference itching). Not only does this video have absolutely ballsy, amazing skateboarding, but it includes some of the daftest b-roll I have seen in recent times. The Dad crew engage in all sorts of hilarity between the actual skateboarding, including (my personal hightlight) the genius combination of bombing hills on a skateboard and landing on a slip n’ slide at ludicrous speed.

“A Visual Sound” by Music Matters

A bit of a departure from proper skate videos now – and I’m cheating because this video went up in December (it still counts because I only saw it 3 weeks ago). Stereo’s classic video “A Visual Sound” was inducted into the skateboarding Hall of fame at Innoskate during the end of last year, and PBS were there to interview Jason Lee and Chris Pastras about not only the video, but Stereo itself. Taking cues from jazz music when everyone else was riffing off punk rock and hip hop, Stereo were pioneers and helped to expand skateboarding’a creativity not only with music, but camera equipment, artwork and direction. If you aren’t clued up on this slice of skateboarding history, check a look.

“Don’t Stop” by Krooked

Una Farrar and Krooked Skateboards? It’s a match made in heaven. Una has been wowing the world with her specific brand of quirky tech street skating for years now, and she’s made such a big impact on the industry that The Gonz has come a-knocking. The result is this short video, featuring Una along with the rest of the Krooked team, and even the odd surprise appearance from the likes of Frank Gerwer and Elissa Steamer.

I’ve long been a big fan of both Una and Krooked, so I loved every minute of this video, but I was especially impressed with the lipslide big flip out that occurs before the ender – serious props on that one, and expertly handled.

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