Ryan Bradley’s Top 5 Terribleco Parts

2023 is The Year Of The Terrible Company. The reason for this is that we’re celebrating 20 years of Coventry & Warwickshire based skateboarding content being pumped onto the internet from the blog that prides itself on making your life worse. Throughout the year we’re going to be seeing a lot of blog posts detailing the history of this blog, focussing solely on the Coventry and Warwickshire scene, and reminiscing with mates about the past.

For today’s blog post, Ryan Bradley has kindly put together a Top 5 of his favourite parts from past Terrible Company videos. Ryan has regrettably never had a full part in one of my videos (something I have been trying to rectify for the last 5 years with no success… maybe in the next video?), but Ryan’s contribution to the blog has been huge even without being in front of the camera.

There’s been a revolving selection of photographers who have contributed imagery for the blog over the years, but RB is potentially the one who has contributed the most – having spent years engrained with the local skate scene capturing their tricks, he is as prolific with taking photos as I am with filming.

Even past taking photos, RB is no stranger to written content here on the blog, as I’ve featured multiple Top 5 blog posts written by him before. So, let’s dive into another and find out which 5 video parts from this blog’s history were his favourite.

5. Alex “Moose” McGhie & Jack Taylor – Ghostface (2022)

Ghostface is for sure one of my favourite videos from the rad and sizeable library that Ade has made over the years, and the first inclusion from the video to make my top 5 is the delicious dubs from these two dogs. 

Moose and Jack kill it with steeze that matches the beat from Luniz in a perfectly edited part that also represents the style of both beer drinkers. You want some early grabbing, you say? What about some sauced BS flips? Perhaps you prefer Willy grinds with a healthy side of hucking it? Whatever you fancy, this part will have it, and it’s a perfect combination of fun starters and meaty mains from both of these two. 

4. Joe Fleming – Now That’s What I Call The Terrible Company (2021)

It’s difficult to choose 5 parts when I’ve been watching Terribleco videos since I began skating 14 odd years ago. Ade’s large video library on display had me reflecting on parts and videos with everything from Storybook to Batface, leaving me literally unsure on which sections to include. Considering this top 5 unintentionally leans towards the previous ‘new crop’ or my generation (who are now all basically 30 year olds, give or take) the next part included in this list is none other than Joe’s section from Now That’s What I Call The Terrible Company.

Joe is someone who gets me ridiculously hungry to skate whenever I bear witness to him even just rolling around. Whether he’s flying way over coping levels with authority or executing street stunts, everything Joe lands is with dominance and it trips me out whenever I see him dialling up tricks that he’s got in his locker, which is hella. Joe’s part is a reflection of this small write up and there’s absolutely nothing pedestrian about what goes down in these savage few minutes. One thing is for sure though, Joe is one of those guys who’s just got it. Really hoping we’re all blessed enough to see him back on the board soon!

3. Lucas Healey – The Terrible Company’s Greatest Hits (2021)

Knowing that I definitely wanted to include Lucas in this list, but not knowing which part in history to choose, I ended up deciding to go for the all in one with his Greatest Hits part. 

Just like others on this list, I grew up skating with Lucas and this part is a sick example of progression on a skateboard. The compiled footage crammed into one section is full of sweet goods that I’m sure was hard for Ade to choose from and squeeze in, which only goes on to show the amount gnar Lucas has threw down for the camera over the years. Everything from skating in the early days all the way to the freakish finesse of recent times, this part will have you both fiending to skate while also leaving you to wonder how it’s even possible for anyone to make a skateboard look so light and completely controlled as Lucas does.

2. Zac Parkinson – Ghostface (2022)

The second of two parts I’ve chosen from Ghostface – Zac’s part is full of treats with another massive trick bag for your viewing pleasure with a complete display of authority on a skateboard. Everything you need from style to shred with a big inclusion of mental flip tricks (queue the back 3 flip) is on full display. Zac has the biggest balls and has done the sickest stunts over the years and I’ve been able to witness them ever since we started skating, where confirmation of this is projected in this part.

Being able to see local spots and parks be yet again shut down but in more recent years (as recent as it gets with this part) by Zac in such a manner gets me so hyped to witness. The 180 trick combos on banks and once again proving that he’s the master of tech spine tricks is another small example of the all terrain delights as put forth in this part.

1. Tony Lui – Cannonball Holocaust (2012)

T is one of the gnarliest guys on a board with the biggest trick bag I know and it’s always been that way since we were kids, and his part from Cannonball Holocaust is evidence of a moment of previous early decade shred and gnar. 

His part is a mixture of all terrain – quick feet on the streets, big balls for big bowls and slaying transition like he was born into a ramp. This section is a very small example of the ability T has always had and is a glimpse into his massive trick bag and conviction with whatever trick he thinks of doing. 

T-Lui is a Cov legend and he has definitely earned the right of his previously given nickname of T-Liz, blessed by the man Lizard King himself (in person).

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